Open Thread Weekend

BHB photo by C. Scales

What’s on your mind? Been to the DUMBO Art Festival? Greenway opening celebration? Selling anything in the “Stoopendous” sale tomorrow? Comment away. (Photo above: the tug Ellen S. Bouchard passes the exposed pilings at the north end of Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, yesterday morning.)

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  • EHinBH

    Went to Ignazio’s. It’s good — but no Grimaldi’s. The coal oven makes a difference.

  • David G

    Is there a good trivia night at a bar in the heights?

  • Claude Scales

    Last Exit, at 136 Atlantic (between Henry and Clinton; it’s on the south side of Atlantic, so actually in Cobble Hill) has “Pub Quiz” on the first and third Monday of each month, so the next one is Monday, October 4. Follow the link for details.

    The Brooklyn Historical Society is having a trivia party this Tuesday evening, the 28th, with beer and wine. Details are here.

  • cat

    Driving on the BQE from the Verrazano to BH, I said to my husband, “this section of the BQE has been under construction since we moved to the Heights NINE years ago. What the hell are they doing?”

    He didn’t know, so I thought maybe one of you (who know everything) might know. So I ask again, What the hell are they doing?

  • T.K. Small

    Don’t worry, when they finish New York City it is going to be great!

  • nabeguy

    Congrats Mr and Mrs, Fink. You’re apartment just grew by another two feet.

  • nabeguy

    Should have been “your”, but you knew that. Let me know if you need any cast-offs. We’ve got plenty.

  • AAR

    Selling hand knit hats and scarves, art books and other books, gift items and all sorts of interesting things at the Stoopendous sale on Sunday …. in front of 32 Orange Street (between Hicks and Willow) around 10 AM to 3 PM …. unless we sell out (I hope!)

  • Claude Scales

    Cat: see

    The BQE officially ends at the entrance to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Between there and the Verrazano it’s called the Gowanus Expressway. Unfortunately, what’s going on there now (and has been going on for some time) is just “interim” work. The real job isn’t expected to be underway until 2013. As to when it will be completed–I should live so long.

  • x

    Atlantic ChipShop on Atlantic avenue has Quiz nights on Wednesdays

  • amanda

    I know it’s not in the Heights, but DUMBO General Store has a trivia night every other Wednesday. Not sure when the next one is. It’s pretty fun! Grand prize is a $50 bar tab and there are random “free drink” questions throughout the evening.

  • Eric Laimins

    Hey folks,

    Not Heights-specific, but it’s still Brooklyn, and it’s Open Sunday.

    “Gowanus Canal Becomes River of Crap”…so much so that the EPA has actually made it a Superfund site. Story and actual video of the “river of crap” here:

    Now I sorta regret taking the F & D trains down to Coney Island in the summer for a swim.

    Next time you’re sitting on the promenade sipping a Starbucks from Montague, keep a peak for the barges being hauled down the East River with garbage and sewage in ’em, on their way to the open sea where they are simply being dumped.

    Sorry for the rant, but NYC can certainly do a hell of a lot better than this…

  • Arch Stanton


    Where are you getting your info from. NYC stoped offshore dumping in th early 90’s

  • cwr

    Great photo by Claude Scales!

  • XYZ

    Was the Sunday parking situation outside the churches on Henry between Clark and Pierrepont not supposed to be resolved? Looks the same to me.

  • nabeguy

    XYZ, when the right to bike lanes supersedes the right to worship, you might see some action on that.

  • AEB

    …how about the right to worship one’s bike? Like this one:

  • nabeguy

    In the debate between bikes and religion, nobody Schwinns.

  • hicks st guy

    @nabeguy, your wit is nit.

  • Peter Kaufman

    Re the church blocking the lane. I know, I saw it today. As it happened, a cop car was driving down the block just as I was surveying the scene.

    I flagged him down. He said that because of the Atlantic Antic, they were resource-constrained, but that he was “going to get on the phone and see what can be done.”

    Frankly, I don’t understand the connection between the Atlantic Antic and this. Next week we’ll see if there was any.

    I’ll be on the phone with Assemblywoman Millman’s office in the morning.


  • AEB

    Peter, I admire your ongoing commitment to a car-free bike lane. Thank you.

  • Monty

    Has anyone tried that Natural Organic Cafe in Clark St station yet? I see that they put up a big display of nutella jars and a couple of crepe makers that looks pretty enticing.

  • Jorale-man

    @Eric that video of the Gowanus is pretty astounding. You hear so often about the sewage runoff into the area waters but I didn’t imagine it came as a tidal wave. NYC may be a first-class city but it really has a third-world infrastructure.

  • x

    The meter maids have no hesitations in writing us tickets when our meters expire by 1 minute, and yet these people can BLATANTLY violate parking rules and our great government is openly ignoring it.

  • lois

    Seems like a lot of Brooklyn Heights Association people participated in the stoop sale. I met some interesting people, sold a few things and made a few bucks. What more could a person want? Glad the weather was good.

  • Teddy

    I saw one of those tourist double-decker buses going down State St. earlier this evening. I imagine some cop diverted the bus away from Atlantic Ave. A narrow street, trees and tourists sitting on the upper deck of a bus don’t make a good combination.

  • cat

    Thanks, Claude. Learn something new every day–for instance, that that section of the BQE is actually the Gowanus Expressway. It appears that I can expect there to be construction on the GE for as long as I live (here).

  • nabeguy

    Hicks Street Guy
    Your quip was a pip
    But I’ll give you a tip
    If you want to amuse
    Try not to abuse
    My wit may be nit
    And I often talk sh*t
    But my humor is loose
    While yours is obtuse.

  • DTM

    It’s after 11:00pm on Sunday night. Why are there a bunch of people playing football in the middle of Henry St in the North Heights? They seem to be coming in and out of Noodle Pudding after closing, so I can only guess they’re staff. If they want to play chicken with their own lives every time a car comes zooming down the street that’s their business, but it’s a little late to be yelling and making noise. Anyone else hear or see these idiots?

  • AEB

    nabe, can you do another line using “caboose”?