Missing Cat

This in from a BHB reader:

Scarlett is a long haired tortoiseshell (tan, brown, caramel, black) female cat, about 6 years old, weighing around 9 pounds. She was last seen at Bergen and Bond Streets in Boerum Hill on 9/21/2010

There is a REWARD for her return.
Please contact Alec at 917.972.0217
or erinbenim@gmail.com

Update: Good news! Scarlett is safe at home. Owner Erin gives this account:

Turns out Scarlett had fallen four stories down a heating duct, and then lurked in the basement duct system silently for 7 days without food or water. We had duct experts and contractors come and look last week, and they couldn’t find her. Finally last night she started to meow, and after taking apart the ducts even more, we got to take her to the emergency room where they proclaimed her merely dehydrated! She got her subcutaneous fluids, a bath, and was sent home where she is purring, meowing, eating ravenously, and sleeping off her trauma. Making it all even more incredible, the duct specialist, Tony, came all the way from Queens AFTER HOURS, refused to accept payment, and then topped it off by driving us to the emergency vet clinic. We’re calling him St. Anthony!

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  • Rerunruzbekistan

    She is darling! Please come home Scarlett. Your sweet face is missed. I really hope this story ends soon and happily. Her picture makes me tear up!

  • cat

    Oh, no. What a beautiful cat. I, too, hope she’ll be found soon. Good luck.

  • erin

    thanks. i am scarlett’s heartbroken mommy. please call either 917.972.0217 or 415.596.8608 24 hours a day with any info! and please feel free to repost/forward this info on to anyone in the area. here’s a link that’s easy to email.


  • http://www.jennyvainisi.com jenny

    Please post signs/flyers with a good color photo of her. LOST on top, and your contact info. If anyone sees her, having her photos on flyers will aid people in easily recognizing her. Put tons of flyers up on telephone poles, etc. If people continually see the flyers, if one sees her, they will at least be able to tell you where. or if she’s friendly enough, will bring her inside, and hold her for you. Also, if she got out through a window or door, place food outside near your building. Cats will generally not venture too far from their home, so she is probably still close by and in the area, but scared. Good luck.

  • Rerunruzbekistan

    Love the update!!

  • http://www.tksmall.com TK Small

    That’s great news! It is amazing how cats are so durable. When my father first moved to Brooklyn Heights in the late 40s, he lived in a fourth floor walk-up on Pierrepont. During the summer it was quite hot and he had the windows open. Two of his cats were having a squabble on the windowsill and one fell out the window and landed on a cement patio four flights down. Apparently she was very bruised, but nothing was broken and she made a complete recovery. Congratulations on getting Scarlet back relatively unscathed.

  • AAR

    That is great news! We should know how to reach Tony and have information about what his company does so BH folks can call him. What a good citizen!

  • nabeguy

    We had a cat when I was young who somehow managed to get on the roof and fall down the chimney. After all the sign postings and such, we kind of gave up hope, until our downstairs neighbor reported hearing meowing after a few days. When we opened up the flue, out fell and very dirty, very hungry and very appreciative cat. Why it took her three days to make her presence known is a mystery that is known only to the feline species.

  • AEB

    Excellent news! My story: after a fire in a long-ago apartment I lived in but was mercifully absent from when the blaze occurred, I finally rescued the last of my three hiding cats.

    He had flattened himself between the fridge and the wall behind it where he had remained for days. A give-away meow helped me locate him, shaken but essentially whole.