Open Thread Weekend

BHB photo by C. Scales

What’s on your mind? Been to the DUMBO Art Festival? Greenway opening celebration? Selling anything in the “Stoopendous” sale tomorrow? Comment away. (Photo above: the tug Ellen S. Bouchard passes the exposed pilings at the north end of Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, yesterday morning.)

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  • Eric Laimins

    @Arch Stanton

    Quite right. Apparently the EPA stopped NYC barge dumping of sewage back in the 1990’s. The barges full of crap tthat we see today go to “marine transfer stations” and then supposedly sent out west – to places like colorado and arizona, etc.

    However, there is seemingly mob involvement in the transfer of the sewage; so I have my doubts as to how much actually makes it out west…

    I also ran across this bit of news: “a spokesman for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection estimated that the city had 2,000 unregulated companies discharging industrial waste into the [city] sewers, but admitted that his department had “no way of knowing how many . . . there are.”.'s_plan_to_bypass_opposition_to_sewage_sludge_disposal

    Coney island is defintely out next summer I’m afraid :(

  • Arch Stanton


    Yeah, Coney island is kind of trashy…. Try Riis Park or other beaches on Rockaway, much cleaner… However, it is always best to wait a couple of days before swimming at any beach, after a major storm.

  • Robyn

    Talking about illegal parking, I find a stretch of Doughty street, near the entrance to BQE, is being used (and abused) as a private lot by the New Xcell Auto Repair. Cars are always double/triple parked there which is a clear violation making the passage so narrow that no emergency vehicle (fire truck or ambulance) would ever be able to get trough. This I find quite outrageous, yet they continue blocking the street with no impunity whatsoever.

  • hicks-ter

    Does anyone else live near PS 8 and notice that the crossing guard presumably hired last spring goes crazy with the whistle? I work at home and hardly took note of the noise in previous years. Now it’s constant whistling for a half hour before and after school. (The rain today seems to have brought it to a new fever pitch!) Not sure I can complain to the school, they’ll probably just say it’s for safety??

  • justaneighbor

    Monty, I’m eating a salad from there right now..for $5.50 I’m perfectly happy with what I was given. Veggies are fresh and the size is great.

  • nabeguy

    hick-ster, if it’s the crossing guard on the corner of Hicks and Middagh, she’s been there for years. That happens to be a rough corner during rush hour, as the traffic down Hicks is quite heavy with people bypassing the BQE, so her job is certainly a daunting one. While I’ll admit that her whistle seems a bit more strident this year (shades of 70’s roller disco come to mind), she certainly serves an important purpose. Unfortunately, her whistle is not the only annoying trait she exhibits, but you’ll have to talk to AEB about the other ones.

  • David on Middagh

    That whistle is something else. I noted a 9-burst bleat-string today. A Hicks ‘n’ Middagh record?

  • carlotta

    It worries me how few people seem to be going to the movies these days – especially to the BH Cinema. It’s a terrific theater with comfortable seats and a large screen. The films shown are some of the best around and watching them on a big screen can’t be beat. It would be a real loss to the nabe if they went out of business.

  • TS McGee

    Hey Nabeguy ,
    Maybe you can talk to your old (crossing guard) friend? Let her know our concerns as well as yours “her whistle is not the only annoying trait she exhibits”

    Make a difference, instead of a dent.

    TS McGee

  • AEB

    Nabe and others, re the crossing guard at Hicks and Mddagh, and my go-round about her daily habit of moving the nearby trash-can into the street then not returning it to its proper place: I spoke with an officer at the 84th, who spoke to her. Apparently she moves the can to prevent cars from parking near the crosswalk.

    A second, PM crossing guard has been asked to return the can and so far has. So it’s a daily trash can pas de deux.

    I suggested the crossing guard get a cone, but then, thought twice about it. Cones are big, orange, and pointed, i. e., ugly. So….

  • my2cents

    Nabeguy, maybe nobody Schwinns, but people certainly get Huffy over this issue! (Zing!)

  • tb

    I didn’t hear the crossing guard blowing whistles yesterday.. I saw her standing in a doorway trying to keep dry while everyone crossed the street without her *help*.
    How does she keep her job?

  • GHB

    Carlotta, I like the BH Cinema too. They run good foreign films, while avoiding the blockbusters. I rarely see it very busy, but it’s a great venue to have locally!