Best Brunch Spot Open Thread

On Sunday morning after checking out Mr. Charles Osgood on the tube, where do you grab brunch? While a  bowl of Cap'n Crunch on the couch is always an option so you can catch Blitzer, it's nice to get out of the house. There's a short thread on Chowhound about this and one blogger loves the French Brioche Toast at Jack the Horse. What's your spot?

Comment away! 

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  • Publius

    In Manhattan:

    12th Street Market
    Five Points
    Golden Unicorn for Dim Sum

    In Bklyn:
    Rose Water
    Le Gamin
    Jack the Horse
    Flatbush Farm
    Clark St Diner

  • frenchie


  • BKBS

    Clark’s Diner, definitely. Five Front. Superfine. Teresa’s.

  • Micky

    If a trip to Park Slope isn’t too far, Cocotte on Fifth Avenue has an outstanding brunch. I am pretty sure that Time Out NY rated them #1 a few years ago (and not just for Brooklyn). I have also been there for dinner and can recommend it highly. Just a really pleasant and intimate place with fine food.

  • EJC

    unfortunately Cocotte closed last week. They also had a great burger on the bar menu.

    Patois on Smith St has a competent brunch, and unlimited mimosas. I’m also a big fan of the full english breakfast @ Chip Shop.

  • Annette

    Clark Street, without a doubt. Family-run (Hi, Mark!), great food at fair prices and served with friendly smiles. The *BEST* egg-white omlettes in NYC.

    If only they’d open up a Bronx outpost… (Now I’m craving my usualy spinach & Swiss egg-white omlette with well-done home fries and whole wheat toast.)

  • Joe

    I had one of the best brunches in vermont. Food in BH is so dismal compared to this tiny restaurant in this VT smalltown.

    In Brooklyn:
    1) Five front
    2) Carroll Garden Classic Diner
    3) Superfine
    4) Teresas (not good food but close by)

    In Manhattan:
    1) Dim Sum Go Go
    2) Five Points
    3) Sarabeth
    4) Home
    5) Penelope

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    You mean this place?

  • lifer

    Does a diner count as a brunch spot?, does Clark even serve likker ( thats the difference between breakfast and brunch right?)… Otherwise virtually none of the votes are located in the heights…. D’oh!…I personally like Lobo, Jolie, and hands down- Hope and Anchor!!! the best!

  • Matthew

    A shout out to Annette in the Bronx. We miss you at Hillside. Hope you’re well and enjoying suburban life ;-)

    Hope to see you at Hillside in the Spring with your dogs and man.

  • Annette

    Yes, Clark Street serves wine and beer – that’s “likker” right? And they have a weekend brunch menu. Most importantly, they are so far BEYOND typical diner fare. Diners are greasy spoons; Clark Street is just good food.

    Hey, Matthew! We miss you all, too, and boy do we miss the run, *believe me*. Our run **sucks** and we don’t go there at all. We *do* have Orchard Beach, though, you should bring Guiseppe out for a visit. Shoot me a message – I just changed from PC to Mac and the Mac store f’d up the transfer of my address book to an unreadable file, so I’m starting from scratch.

  • sarah

    rosewater is my #1 pick in brooklyn too. so good. i posted a whole round-up on the topic on my blog recently, as well —

  • Andrew

    Heights Cafe is solidly mediocre. Siggy’s can be uncomfortably crowded, but the food is generally good. Jack the Horse is tasty, but overpriced.

    The winner? Undoubtedly the full english breakfast at Chip Shop.

  • water

    What about the Water Street Restaurant in DUMBO? It’s a 5-10 minute walk from the Heights, and they have a sweet Sunday brunch with free mimosas, bloody marys and screwdrivers. Even better, they have a live jazz band singing old standards. Siggy’s and the Clark Street Diner are tied in 2nd place, I’d say.

  • nancy

    I also really liked Clarks for brunch until I saw the roach crawling up the wall. Sort of took away my appetite. Siggy’s gave myself and my son food poisoning, So that’s a no no. I don’t really know where to go in the Heights. I’ll have to check out Water Street.

  • amanda

    1. Rice in DUMBO – really spectacular, unusual brunch. The coconut french toast is to die for. Nice atmosphere especially when the garden is open.
    2. Five Front
    3. Cafe Lulu’c on Smith St.
    4. Bar Tabac
    5. An egg sandwich on a bagel and a cappucino, eaten on the promenade or in Brooklyn Bridge Park – my favorite in the summer!

    I’ve had the brunch at Water St. and it’s pretty good.. a quieter alternative to the tasty-but-overpriced brunch at Bubby’s. The atmosphere at Water St. is strange, though.. it’s too dark for brunch, not cozy enough for dinner.

    (On reflection I guess none of these are in BH proper – I live in DUMBO so I’m partial to the choices here in my own hood. I’ll have to try Jack the Horse for brunch, sounds delicious.)