Look Out Park Slope, Here Comes Bucky


Nabe blogger Bucky who has the folks at Cobble Hill Blog in a tizzy (if you haven't figured it out by now Fink also publishes CHB) has promised to bring her wrath to Park Slope TOMORROW! Fact is, we think she's found something that folks in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill can agree upon — ganging up on Park Slope:

Bucky's World: Cobble Hill, You're So Easy: Anyway, tomorrow I have my sights set on pissing off Park Slope. Also, I'm now taking requests. Anyone else I should try and anger while I'm at it? Apparently, wanting to have a decent lunch on Valentine's Day and expecting good food and good service are too much to ask for in the Big C.H. That's something only crazy people in the suburbs should expect. Oh you crazy, suburban dwellers with your Olive Gardens and your Trader Joe's and your Starbucks…Wait a minute!

Flickr photo by evilben

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