Eamonn’s Not Going Anywhere


A couple of weeks ago, the owners of Eamonn's on Montague Street took out this ad in the Brooklyn Heights Press to squash rumors that they planned to shut down and leave Montague Street. 

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  • bornhere

    But, sadly, Armando’s is. And that’s the end of old-time eateries on Montague.

  • me!

    this place gives me the creeps

  • anonymous

    Armando’s should have gone a long time ago. Used to be good food and service a while back but lately the quality of food and most important the quality of service has gone way down. I am telling people do not go there. Hope they go soon

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m waiting (without hope) for PiccaDeli to come back. Or maybe the Entenmann’s Outlet Store….and when will Banana Republic be replaced by a Burger King?

  • yo

    I tried to like eamonn’s but it’s creepy clientele and jukebox full of music from decades past frightened me off….if it were more like Ceol on Smith street (solid irish pub) it would be much better off….

  • nabeguy

    With both Eamonn’s and Armando’s being the two nearest walks to the court houses, it’s little wonder that judges, lawyers and other “creepy” types wined and dined in them. Sad to see Armando’s on its way out; as Bornhere points out, it’s the last one of it’s era. BTW Bornhere, do you remember the Candlelight Restaurant on Henry (where Thai Grill was) and its great pop-overs? Does anybody even know what a pop-over is anymore?

  • bornhere

    Absolutely, although I was a wee lass. And Fannie Farmer on the SE corner. And Parker’s Drugstore. Still with me, nabe?

  • poohster

    It’s sad that Armando’s is closing, whether or not you think the food and service are what they used to be, as it’s the last of the old-time places in the Heights. Reading these comments, I too remember Patricia Murphy’s and the night I had my first pop-over; and Fannie Farmer’s (I still have a container from there that held jelly beans or little chocolate eggs). And then there was Parker’s Drug Store, where we’d have lunch and took our film in for developing. And the St. George Drug Store (they made the best malteds) with the fabulous wooden phone booths. And Lottie & Jacks, and the list goes on and on. All gone in the name of ‘progess.’ And now it’s Armando’s that is taking leave of us.

  • Heights97

    The neon sign with the red lobster ought to be landmarked. I can’t imagine Montague Street without it.

  • Homer Fink

    is this rumor about Armando’s even true? seems to go around every few months.

  • Since47

    Evidently Peter Byros, owner of Armando’s and the building that houses it, is retiring. With nobody interested in buying the building, Peter is renting the restaurant out to a ‘fancy sandwich shop.’ The last day for the restaurant is Palm Sunday. Don’t take down that lobster!

  • nabeguy

    Looks like Poohster gets the “ginkgo-biloba-still-got-plenty’o’- marbles in my head” award. I don’t know how Fanny Farmer faded from my memory, especially since I had the good fortune to have one in the nabe and another across the street from my pop’s store on 8th St. in the Village. I don’t recall Parkers Drug Store, but I had my first cherry Coke at the StG counters. Now, it’s all CVS and the like…where have all the fountains gone?

  • Poohster

    But can anyone remember (the Ginkgo doesn’t help with this one) what was on the NE corner of Clark and Henry? I remember that there was an apartment building (with a pale turquoise blue entry door) where 101 Clark now stands, and further down on the corner of Fulton Street was Sam’s (not Sal’s) Meatmarket, but can’t place what was on that NE corner.

  • hildabooze

    Bring back the Plymouth !

  • Fancy Sandwich Shop

    I’m hoping it means a Pret a Manger shop is moving into the nabe. I think it would do well with the lunch crowd and with the evening returning home crowd.

    The US Prets are not as good as London, but still a lot better than stinky Subway.

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.

    Weird to think the McCourt brothers and Jimmy Breslin used to hang out at Eamonn Doran’s, considering it’s kind of lame now.

  • Jen C

    Word is that Eamonn Dorans is indeed closing and something else is being put in it’s place. The owners just don’t want the word getting out. (Too late)

  • Sparky

    Eamon’s owners have plenty of cash and can open up another place downtown if they want. This story is as old as Armando’s Lobster.

  • nabeguy

    Poohster, you got me stumped. I remember an old style fish/chop house with the red leather banquettes (a la Aramando’s) and a live lobster tank in front, but I think that was at the corner of Henry and Pineapple, not Clark. And opposite the Plymouth Deli, I believe there was a Chinese laundry (if you’re allowed to say that these days)

  • bornhere

    nabeguy- Are you thinking of Lottie and Jack’s? They were, I think, more or less in the Peas ‘n’ Pickles space, just south of the old (and for me, unspeakably spooky) Rexall drugstore. And then there was that 80s restaurant on the NE corner, but that’s too recent. It’s hard to believe that we can’t find a picture that would make all of us go, “Oh, yeah!” I mean, didn’t people take pictures of da hood in the 50s? (Didn’t my parents??) And on the Parker’s memory freeze, it extended west on Clark at least two storefronts’ worth, and wrapped around Henry to Candlelight. (And the counter allowed people to face Henry. And the place sort of smelled like vitamins.)



  • Molly sue

    How is it a blog about Eamonn’s not closing becomes all about armandos.
    Anyway,I have only good things to say about the eamonn’s, it is the only welcoming place in the whole of the area, yes there is the odd creepy old guy at the end of the bar always but thats whats good about it. There is real people here, not a bunch of snotty people whom like to think they are so much better than many others which i have felt in a number of the other places in the area. Atleast here they are charming and i dont mind parting with my money to a bunch of very hard working staff whom deal with the random odd nobs that appear. And yes friday and saturday nights are a little to much for me with the crowd but then i’ll just stay away them nights, simple.

  • anon

    Where else can you get a nice guiness and a fatty irish breakfast or a nightcap when everything else closes at 11 PM? I am too lazy to walk to Smith Street.

  • Chris

    Only tried eamons once. Walked in with my gf and walked right out. It was very dead and had a very old crowd. Never looked appealing anytime I’ve walked by since. Totally agree with an earlier poster that if a place like Ceol opened up here it would be much better.

  • heightsdiho

    Although i’m not an eamonn dorann regular [was there for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago] a neighbor of mine [who is a stand up and swell guy] is a regular and i regret that his watering hole is endangered. Sounds like the regulars at this pub are great friends and the joint has a really nice vibe. Maybe they can band together and purchase the bar for the greater good….

  • heightsdiho

    also – am appalled by the person who wants a Pret a Manger on Montague!! Don’t we have enough of “anywhere America” businesses moving onto Montague St?? It’s getting sooo corporate and dull.

  • Billy Mayes

    Here, Here Molly sue!! Eamonn’s is full of real people, not the jumped up little idiots that call themselves the elite of the neighborhood. I’ve been to many a bar around here in the Heights and all I can say is thank god for Eamonn’s.

    Real people with real conversations about real life. None of this self promoting pretentious garbage coming from nobody oneabees that you here in the other bars in the hood, and Floyds being one of the worst.

    Long live real people and real places like Eamonn’s where we all can meet!!!

  • Chuck

    Yes Billy it’s a little bit of Nassau Country right here in NYC.