Seaport Flowers to Open in New Location Wednesday

You might have noticed that local florist Seaport Flowers has moved out of their space on Hicks Street. Don’t worry, they haven’t gone far! As previously reported, Seaport will be reopening just a few blocks away at 309 Henry Street between State and Atlantic in the old Abitare space. The store has put up new signage, and according to their voicemail, will open next Wednesday, September 8th. The florist will keep the same contact information, as well as their beautiful arrangement selection.

Getting married or have a flower-less event coming up? Seaport Flowers offers a creative design team to help fulfill your floral needs– whether it’s a small dinner party or an extravagant event. Questions? Call 718-858-6443 or email at

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  • Lizzyb

    I really enjoy browsing the flowers at Seaport, and have bought from them occasionally, but i find they are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. I am happy to spend money on beautiful flowers, and do so every week just to have them around the house, but to pay over $50 for a simple arrangement seems crazy and that is what it has cost me no matter what flowers or what season. I don’t mind paying that for something very special, but not for simple bouquets. It is too bad because I don’t think there are any other good options around.

  • Joe

    I agree they are pricey. I never leave the store without spending less than $90 but there aren’t many options for simple and elegant arrangements around here.

    I do think the move might hurt them though since BH pretty much has Seaport & James Weir but JW is on the other side of montague st and they have a different aesthetic style from Seaport so they can co-exist.

    The new location on Henry is much further down & there is more competition on Atlantic Ave as well. I guess they are moving for cheaper rent/more space?

  • AmyinBH

    The three shops on Hicks were so lovely. Now without the flower shop there won’t be the same charm to that tiny area. Particularly at Christmas time.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    LizzyB, I don’t know that it’s fair to call Seaport “RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.” Maybe it’s better to say “far more expensive than I’m used to paying at a florist” or “a lot more than I realized flowers could cost”?

    I say this because to say “overpriced” implies that either Amy is 1) making a massive profit and laughing all the way to the bank, or 2) runs an incredibly inefficient business that wastes money left and right.

    Having used her for my wedding, I find it impossible to believe either. In terms of massive profit she, like pretty much every small independent business in the neighborhood, works extremely long hours (70 hours a week is what I recall) and barely makes just enough to stay in business. In terms of being inefficient and wasteful, I just don’t see it. Her husband helps out all the time, you rarely see flowers in the trash because she over-ordered, her staff is always working really hard, not just twiddling her thumbs…

    So, why are her flowers more expensive than you expect? I think there are at least two reasons. First, she carries a wide variety of extremely unusual flowers that you rarely see elsewhere. I expect these unusual blossoms simply cost more for her to acquire.

    Second, her flowers are FRESH. Having purchased from her dozens of times, I can assure you that many of her flowers will last so much longer than you expect that you question whether they’re real! Yes, you’ll have to winnow the bouquet as various varieties give up the ghost, but it’s not unusual to have flowers looking great a full 2 weeks after we buy them.

    So… expensive? Yes. Overpriced? I don’t think so.

    As far as those who are concerned about her making a go of it in this new location, I expect that she’ll be fine. She has more room to show her wares. She has a back yard to sell garden furniture. She has many potential customers going to Tazza right next door and lots of people making a trip to Heights Chateau around the corner. Barney’s is coming and who knows what will replace Nova Zembla. Finally, I don’t know what percentage of her sales are for weddings, parties, and standing orders but I suspect it’s a LOT. I don’t think she’ll lose a lot of those customers and who knows who she’ll pick up from Cobble Hill.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime. ;-)

  • GHB

    Peter, in case you’re new to the site, there are people who will complain about anything and everything. Apparently, everything is overpriced in the Heights! The same people complained about the prices at Arbitaire, who had the space before Seaport moved in. Typical comment: “they failed because they were overpriced.” You can’t really take that seriously…

  • David on Middagh

    GHB, you are so right. A few months ago, someone around here was complaining about the price of a pack of gum. Gum!

  • lizzyb

    To provide a bit of context, I am not a Brooklyn heights blog regular, nor a regular complainer about things being overpriced. I love this neighborhood and generally don’t have a problem paying a little extra to live here and buy nice things. I don’t know why the flower store is ridiculously overpriced, nor do I care why, but it is my opinion that it is. Over $50 for a tulip bouquet, for example, when tulips are in season makes no sense to me. I love beautiful fresh flowers and generally don’t mind paying a little extra for great quality, but to pay so much extra every week proved to be too much for me so I have had to take my business elsewhere. I spend about $60 – $100 per week on flowers for our home, but for that price I expect to get several bouquets, not one. I am sure the business owner is lovely and hard working and just doing her best to make a profit and payher bills in a high rent area. Unfortunately, due to their prices, I have had to take my business elsewhere. But I stop in there from time to time to see if things are better pricewise as I would gladly go back if the prices come down.

  • GHB

    Lizzy, I don’t really know how flowers are priced, but I’m willing to bet that the tulips were imported from Holland. Obviously more expensive than the guys selling flowers outside of Key Foods on Atlantic or Pickles & Peas.

  • Lizzyb

    Not to engage in a back and forth, but I purchased the tulips when they were in season. And when in season, tulips do not need to be imported from Holland, nor do I believe these were special tulips.
    Also, I just used this as one example to illustrate that my purchases of non-extraordinary arrangements were very expensive. Of course if you are looking to purchase a special arrangement, paying a lot may be worth it, and I continue to use the flower shop for fancy occasions. But rather than continue to debate this issue, it probably makes sense for everyone to stop by the flower shop themselves to make their own decisions! I was just offering my own opinion and others may disagree.