Envy Looks Salon Opens, Offers Grand Opening Discounts

Yet another salon is up and running in Brooklyn Heights– but this one is at 16 Columbia Place near restaurant River Deli. Envy Looks opened its doors with a 20 percent discount for all first time customers, as well as a free kid’s haircut with a haircut for a parent. On top of their grand opening specials, Envy also serves customers free champagne, chocolate, coffee, and candy. Services include haircut, color, highlights, wax, manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage.

Envy Looks’ owner Boris has been working hard to spread the word about his new salon, spending hours talking to Brooklyn Heights residents and handing out advertisements on Henry Street. “You will love our salon because all of my employees are very experienced. They are good at what they do,” he said.

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  • william

    My wife had her hair cut there last week. Looks good. She likes it.

  • WillowtownCop

    They need to stop parking their black Honda Accord with NJ plates on the sidewalk on the wrong side of the street, smoking in large groups on the sidewalk in front of the store, handing out fliers and leaving them on cars parked on the block, playing ads on the tv in the window, and running the color changing neon lights at all hours of the night.

    Then I might care if they can style hair.

  • http://www.dishonestapparel.com tap

    I was a little disappointed to see about 80 flyers lying on the streets of Brooklyn Heights. Put a bad taste in my mouth about the place.

    Although I’m often wrong on these marketing tactics, I’m just not a fan of the name either…exudes a negative emotion and doesn’t seem to really fit in the nabe…

    To WC above, I’ve seen the 24 hour neon lights, which is a terrible waste of energy. Haven’t seen the group smoking, but if they are doing that, then that is certainly another reason for me to avoid the place.

    If they are open minded, then BH residents will help them evolve into something I’m proud to have on my street…

    We’ll see.

    Also, whose BMW alarm goes off every 3 minutes on Willow Place? If anyone knows, please tell them to desensitize the touch sensor…

  • matt h

    Good neighbor issues aside, I got my hair cut here last week. Very happy with it, and it was very inexpensive. I wish them all the best.

  • Victor

    I also think the name sucks. Envy Looks?!? Really? I kind of scoffed when I walked by the place when it was still under construction.

  • John Wentling

    “Envy Looks” sounds Jerseylicious.

  • Suzette

    They are not that smart to leave their car there. The car will eventually get towed or ticketed. Somebody will drop a dime on them. The owner is very pushy w/the fliers. They are charging $25 for a pedicure. Why would I pay that when I can go to Montague for less??

  • nabeguy

    Wouldn’t Envy Locks make more sense as a name?

  • Michelle

    I made an appointment for the coming week but I still wasn’t exactly sure which color to choose, but she made me feel very comfortable and helped me choose the exact shade I needed. I LOVE my new COLOR!!!

  • MissBrooklyn

    Best haircuts and color in BH without the attitude. Gorgeous salon, great staff, everyone is super friendly! My hair looked amazing when I left!! …

  • Lisa

    I went through the gallery at their website here http://envy-looks.com/gallery.htm

    and ewe!!! I hate to say this, but the stylists and staff look kind of dumpy. If I’m going to let people style my hair, I would hope they would at least have great looking hair themselves.