NYT Commenter Goes Apenuts on Brooklyn Heights Coop Board

In a NY Times Cityroom post about real estate brokers a person calling themself “lower manhattan” releases the hounds (as it were) on an unnamed Brooklyn Heights coop board:

NY Times Cityroom: There is a special place in hell for the Brooklyn Heights real estate broker married to the president of the coop board who assured a first time and foreign buyer that she and only she knows what the board is looking for and you are it.. And don’t worry! She and her husband will facilitate! Yet she can’t tell us what their financial requirements are beyond “20% down and enough to pay on a rainy day”! She leaves us to put together the ‘package” – rushed as soon as the mortgage commitment letter arrives (rather than letting us address its conditions first). She has her husband call to prep us for the interview but says not to let the board know that he has spoken to us. We are blindsided in the interview – presided by the husband – by the confusing situation of this subterfuge (what are we supposed to say? what are we not?) as well as the surprise that the storage rooms in the basement have a 12 year waiting list (not 9 months to one year, as the broker wife assured).. Our rejection arrives from the broker the next morning by email. Sorry! Let me know if I can help you in your future search! With what??? We have lost a quarter of our deposit to the seller (so sure was the broker that we were “just right” that she conned us us into signing a non-refundable deposit with no board approval contingency), thousands of dollars to the mortgage company (recommended by the broker), appraiser (whom the broker made sure got the right comps to insure it was high enough), the building’s management company (chosen by the broker’s husband), and the coop board itself.
Cooperative apartments are one of New York City’s meaner realities, and they have spurned a breed of broker uniquely awful unto themselves.
Looking in Brooklyn Heights? Ask the broker what her connection to the board is! Don’t fall for the trap we did!

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  • Topham Beauclerk

    Is there a knavish trick of which a real estate broker is not capable? This story is as old as Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Tony

    “Themself” is absurd. If “himself” is too offensive to your p.c. sensibilities, rephrase your sentence, Mr. Fink.

  • http://loscalzo.posterous.com Homer Fink

    I’m sorry it’s offended you madam. ;)

  • another jen

    i am judgey about that person putting down a non refundable deposit. if the terms were clear, it was a poor decision, not a con.

  • my2cents

    This city is so full of self-serving vipers. The COOP system can really enable and abet some bad behavior from people who abuse it. I think they are lucky they didn’t end up in that crappy building. Too bad about the deposit though.

  • Obama?

    Co-op boards have too much authority over shareholders’ lives.

    Corporations & corporatists are running amok worldwide as it is. Whose bright idea was it to turn residences into corporations run by a board of directors anyway? .

  • Billy Reno

    Who was the broker?! Or at least the realty co.?!