73 Pineapple Presents Again at LPC

Brownstoner reports today on the latest in the 73 Pineapple/LPC saga:

Brownstoner: When the developers brought their initial proposal for the empty lot at 73 Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights in front of the Landmarks Preservation Commission last August, they were sent back to the drawing board. LPC Chair Robert Tierney urged the architects to rethink the project in "a major way" while Commissioner Margery Perlmutter called for a "do over." This all on the heels of opposition by CB2, the Brooklyn Heights Association and the Historic Districts Council. At today's public hearing, the 73 Pineapple contingent will take a second shot at winning the hearts and minds of the preservationists.

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  • Andrew Porter

    They’re working on 75, gutting the building back to the brick walls and putting in new joists. I think there are still people living there, above the first floor, which is completely empty. Don’t know what’s happening with the vacant lot. There is also work going on in 71, with a lot of traffic into and out of the former restaurant on the first floor.

  • anon

    whatever amount of work is going on there is probably not enough. Those buildings should be gutted and iradiated.
    They are decrepit slum hovels. Human cess pools.
    Artificial pockets of poverty and uglyness made possible only by the NYS rent regulations laws, designed to actually keep human beings living in squalor and degradation.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, “anon”, everyone knows that all rent regulated tenants are responsible for “poverty and ugliness”. The landlords bear no responsibility at all. How is it that in such an upscale neighborhood, which has countless rent regulated (controlled and otherwise), these two buildings and the empty lot in their midst — think of it: an empty, trash-filled lot in the middle of the Heights! — were in such terrible shape. Could it, could it have maybe, possibly, been just a teensy bit the fault of the landlord, who never put anything at all into her buildings? Nahhh….

  • Jay

    Maybe we will all get really lucky, and there will soon be more housing for the students that add so much to the atmosphere on that side of the Heights.

  • nazimova

    Bravo Andrew !!