84th Precinct Police Blotter 8/18/10

bugleblotter-300x1711Heather had to rearrange her sock drawer this week, so we’ll have to be content with this crime roundup of stories from our pals at the Brooklyn Eagle and the Brooklyn Paper as interpreted by your publisher.

The Montague Street Key Food store was the scene of a classic pick pocket ruse last Wednesday.  According to the papers,  a skell bumped a female patron while his partner in crime (literally) swiped her wallet containing $400 in cash and  credit cards  from her shopping cart.  The paper adds that the 56 year old vic was swift to cancel her credit and debit cards but she was not quick enough to halt over $1,800 in purchases by the thieves.  The must have been handy scumbags as $900 of the charges were made at Lowe’s…

A 22 year old man was relieved of his $700 camera while walking over the Brooklyn Bridge on August 9.  No word if the perp has turned his life around by starting a career in photography…

From the “Not for nothin’ but you should be watchin’ yo’ stuff” file:  A 30 year old’s $3,000 watch was stolen from his college dorm on Livingston Street.  The man claims it was taken on Wednesday or Thursday when “old furniture” was being removed from his dorm room.

Who is the Gaucho, amigo?  Well, it’s probably some the bodacious lowlife who absconded with an Argentine woman’s purse at the Court Street Starbuck’s on August 12.  The crook got away with the woman’s cellphone, credit cards and her Argentine ID cards while she ordered food at the counter.  No word on if he’s shopping for a spangled leather pancho or elevator shoes but one thing is for sure… he’ll never be welcome here.

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