BHB Scribe’s Ride Ripped Off!

Our newest contributor, Caitlin Heikkila, had her prized bicycle stolen the other day near Cranberry Street.   She writes:

Becoming Brooklyn: Yes, that’s right. The bike I’ve been raving to you about was snatched from outside of my apartment last night. Despite my massive, weighs-more-than-I-do chain lock, the thief prevailed, cleanly breaking it without leaving a scrap of metal behind. I reported it to the police, but it’s unlikely they will be able to find it.

If you happen to see a blue vintage one speed cruiser that says “Warrior” on the side, please email me ASAP at And if you have any other tips or suggestions, feel free to contact me or comment here.

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  • WillowtownCop

    I hate to burst your bubble, but the police actually won’t even look for it. I think the figure for auto thefts that were solved last year in the city was something like 9%, so you can imagine what it probably is for bicycles.

    The best thing you can do is get a nice folding bike and keep it in your house.

  • Caitlin Heikkila

    Thanks so much for posting! I appreciate it. I also have a soft spot for this Pee Wee Herman flick.

    Willowtown Cop– Thanks for the tip. I figured there’s not much they can do! I’ll have to look into folding bikes.

  • zburch

    Check craigslist asap

    “A Brooklyn author whose bike was stolen from a subway station managed to get it back in record time after spotting the item for sale on Craigslist, then enlisting local cops for a ting operation.

    Jami Attenberg, 38, said that she locked up her bike near the Marcy Avenue station Thursday night on her way to see Arcade Fire play Madison Square Garden and that when she returned at 1 a.m. Friday, it was gone.

    Attenberg scoured Craigslist for a replacement and found a yellow Schwinn for $75.

    “I almost started laughing. It was definitely my bike!” she later wrote on her blog.

    Attenberg arranged to meet the seller, then called police, who set up a “sting” in front of Peter Luger’s steakhouse.

    The seller was arrested on a charge of petit larceny, but that was dropped after he claimed to have bought the bike from someone else.

    Read more:

  • ashton

    Bicycles, like copper downspouts, are catnip to local thieves.

  • WillowtownCop

    Another thing you can do is engrave something (maybe your birthday) in the frame so if it is found you can prove it’s yours.

  • nabeguy

    ashton, I’d like to think that the thieves in question are not locals.

  • ashton

    you’re right nabeguy, they are illegal aliens from Remulac, a small town in France.
    eh, are you being a wee bit racist monsieur?
    not local?
    define local.

  • nabeguy

    ashton, is Remulac your first language? How else can I explain to myself how you managed to read between the lines of my post and find racism in it. All I was saying, in a semi-jocular way, is that it is my hope that the persons perpetrating these crimes are not my neighbors, i.e. locals, as that would make for a rather creepy situation. Give your knee a rest before it jerks off from the rest of your leg.

  • Lisa

    So sorry to hear about your bike Caitlin. Hope they catch the thief.

  • ashton

    nabeguy, yes jocular, I have notice from your many past posts your sense of levity. But I have also noticed that you are sometimes a mean SOB, especially towards people you and your tight clique here at this exclusive blog think of as outsiders.
    I will admit that for the past month or so the blog has eased up on its Stalin-like “moderation queue” .
    but I think this blog is still a long way from being a real community voice box.
    You guys should lighten up and allow younger voices in.
    Until then this blog will continue to be Borriiinnnnnng.

  • nabeguy

    ashton, here’s a solution…start your own blog for the younger voices. I don’t think of you as an outsider as much someone who thinks they are an insider because they’ve lived here a few years and, having engaged in gossip-fests with some of our more colorful residents, believes they know the entire history of the last 50 years of BH. I’ve lived here those 50 or so years, so if get a bit snippy at some of your more inane claims, then I guess that qualifies me as an SOB, but at least one who know whereof they speak.

  • nabeguy

    And ashton, please don’t turn my usage of the word “colorful” into some kind of racist diatribe.

  • Brooklyngersh

    So, Caitlin was gershed?

    She has my sincere condolences.


  • landlord

    the bicycles chained to gates and such are a nuisance. too much eye pollution for me–these friggin whitebread nasaltards must remember that this is bklyn not amsterdam! go back home!!!

  • Raisincat

    You can register stolen bikes here, they have recovered some.

  • bhance

    You can also register this bike (for free) over @ – site already has a lot of traction and a mobile phone interface for searching for stolen bikes.