Brooklyn Artist Showcase Thursday at DWR

Beginning at 6 p.m. tomorrow, Design Within Reach will be showing off the work of local artists.

We are showcasing Brooklyn artists’ work throughout the studio, all with their own interpretation of a Brooklyn theme. Stop by to meet local designers, clients and art dealers, including Clementine, Kory O’Donnell, Kate Fauvell, Todd Boebel, Sloke One, Jeff Beler, Andres Hoyos and Jason Covert.

In addition, DWR will feature tasty snacks and complimentary beer from Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Craft Ales. Swing by and have a look!

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  • Miky

    I went to this store once. I knew what I wanted to buy. I was prepared to buy it. And it wasn’t cheap. The manager was hostile and dismissive when I asked her a few questions. I kept my money and walked out. Haven’t been back since.

    Usually people aren’t hostile to me until they get to know me.

  • Hicks on Hicks

    We’ve only had very positive experiences at Montague St DWR. I would strongly recommend them.

  • harumph

    I’m with Miky on this one – serious attitude issues in this particular DWR

  • AEB

    Design Within Reach is really Design Beyond Grasp. Unless you bring buckets of cash….

  • ryder

    You know, AEB, everybody can’t be a government handout leech. Some of us work and pay for the leeches and still have buckets of cash. Shameless Capitalist Pigs Rise Up!

  • AEB

    God love ya, ryder….