Crumbs Bake Shop Owners Talk to BHB

We caught up with Crumbs Bake Shop founders Jason and Mia Bauer yesterday at the opening of their new store at 109 Montague Street.

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  • Heather Quinlan

    Went this morning for coffee and got a freebie cupcake. Delish!

  • Alanna

    @Heather Ditto!

  • AEB

    How about a cupcake named after Milton DeLugg?

    He and I share a birthday day….

  • GHB

    Had a blackout cupcake this morning. Delicious! Iced coffee was good too. I would have taken a mini sample cupcake, but they were just sitting there by the register being breathed upon by anyone and everyone.

  • michael

    How many posts we really need on this chain-let bakery? Trying to court them as an advertiser?

  • lori

    Michael – It’s always good to see something new on Montague Street (and why not court them as an advertiser, I want to see the BHB continue!)