Ivo’s Doc Roomie Silent on Arsenal

Dr. Michael C. Clatts, the AIDS researcher roomate of Ivaylo Ivanov, the man charged with last year's hate spree against local synagogues and keeping a large cache of pipe bombs and guns, is not cooperating with the NYPD according to the New York Sun. He was picked up by police yesterday at JFK Airport upon returning from Vietnam.  The Sun also reports that Clatts has apologized to his neighbors at 58 Remsen in an email:

NY Sun: Researcher is Mum…: A neighbor who lives in the building, James Robinson, said Mr. Clatts had sent out an e-mail apology message on Monday to all of the residents of the building.

"He said that he was disturbed about the news he was getting," Mr. Robinson said. "He was very apologetic, and said that he had absolutely no idea about all of this."

Mr. Ivanov, known as Ivo to his neighbors, has alternately explained the arsenal by saying he needed it for protection and that he was planning to use the bombs for fishing. He has also claimed to be Jewish.

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  • Publius


    I think your blurb under the headline is inaccurate. Asking for legal representation while speaking to the police is perfectly normal, legal, and appropriate. I wouldn’t characterize that as “not cooperating.”

    If he still doesn’t speak after he’s provided or provides himself with counsel, then he wouldn’t be cooperating with police.

  • anon

    Where had he been? training camp in Pakistan?
    Where did the unemployed loser Ivo get the cash to buy the guns and the bomb-making equipment?

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.

    Word on the street is he wasn’t his roomate, he was his partner, and he’s nuttier than Ivo.

    It will be interesting to see how this unspools.

  • anon

    I think when most lay people hear “affiliated with Columbia” they think “nutty at best, terrorist at worst”.
    What is it about Columbia that attracts such insane faculty?
    This guy has to be a loon. Sugar daddy to the vampire-ish Ivo.
    The crossbow was probably a Valentine’s Day gift.
    If the people in the building let him set foot inside the house again, they are as crazy as he is. I would get a court order of protection to keep him four blocks away. I’m serious. I blame him mostly. He is the enabler, the ATM.