Actor Heath Ledger, Former Area Resident, Found Dead


Australian born actor and former Boerum Hill resident Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment in lower Manhattan today.  He was in his bed, with a bottle of sleeping pills nearby.  Ledger was 28.

During his time in the area, Ledger and former companion Michelle Williams could be seen out and about on Montague Street as well as at Bar Tabac on Smith Street. BHB reported on Ledger's outing watching bocce at Floyd in 2006

More at Cobble Hill Blog.

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  • anon

    So you are young, handsome, rich, successful, have a beautiful daughter, have sexy girls waiting in line to know you….so life is so awful you have to OD?
    I will never understand this kind of thing,
    To think of the burdens some people endure and then to see something like this. I can’t figure it out. what was so bad about his life that he needed to escape it? Pathetic, but if you think about it, unworthy of sympathy.

  • Chris

    I don’t know why you’re assuming this was a suicide. The police are saying it doesn’t look like one. It looks like an accidental overdose. Terrible, no doubt. I wish he was more careful. He will be missed.

  • Digby

    To Anon: The only thing unworthy of sympathy is your vast stupidity. Even in the event that it was suicide (although as Chris points out, it might not have been) having wealth, fame, and a pretty face are hardly requisites for a happy fulfilling life. Scores of successful “beautiful people” have taken their own lives, and you have no clue as to what their childhoods were like, what they’ve experienced and/or witnessed in their personal lives, what their brain chemistry is, what physical and emotional strains and pressures they’re under, what kind of internal dialog is taking place. In the future, if you can: Think before typing.

  • Sam

    Ambien is dangerous when mixed with heroin, yes.
    This guy was a heroin addict. Went to rehab but could not
    get a grip on it.
    At least he was older than Jimmy Dean. Dean self-destructed at age 24 I think.

  • Chris

    Well James Dean didn’t self-destruct, he was in a car accident. I did not know Heath was a heroin addict. Has this been confirmed??

    This is so odd because I have been ranting on and on about how his new version of the joker is going to be incredible and then this happens. Tragic. Now this film will have the same epic feel to it as the Crow with Brandon Lee.

  • Jackson

    >>>>Now this film will have the same epic feel to it as the Crow with Brandon Lee.

  • anon

    My guess is he OD’s on ambien and cocaine. They found a rolled-up twenty near the body. I am speculating that the masseuse saw the dope and flushed it down the toilet that is why the police found nothing.

  • spring

    No trace of drugs on the rolled up twenty.