Cranberry Street Townhouse Heights’ Highest This Year

Curbed reports on the sale of 13 Cranberry Street:

Curbed: When we first set eyes on Brooklyn Heights’ 13 Cranberry Street, we were a little bit enchanted with the house, designed by an English sea captain. So, apparently, was whoever just handed over $6.2 million to buy it (sadly, not us). On its long voyage to closing, the house dropped many dollars off its pricetag, going all the way from $8 million in 2008 to—after some time off the market—$6.5 million back in March. Even so, the final sale price appears to make it the neighborhood’s highest residential sale of the year so far. We’re lookin’ at you to beat that, Truman Capote.

Floorplan and photos at Curbed.

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  • Claude Scales

    Homer: please learn to write headlines that make sense.

    I knew I should’ve jumped on this when you forwarded it to me. Ah, well, the wages of procrastination

  • Homer Fink

    my passion for alliteration is far more important

  • Claude Scales

    Something, I must confess, we have in common.

  • Obama?

    Does anyone know who the previous owners were, & who the new purchaser is?

    A few years ago, some people who always wore white-colored clothing with matching white turbans used to come & go from this house. Also, the ground floor had long tables with at least 20 computer terminals or laptops on them. It looked like a school or training center of some sort.

  • nabeguy

    Obama?, ask Osama. maybe it was a madrasah.

  • Ben

    I do not think that this was owned by the Watchtower.

  • Homer Fink

    Simon Watson, photographer owned it — new folks already seem to be painting!

  • Obama?

    You may be correct, nabeguy. Odd location for a madrasah, though.

    Moreover, despite all the computers, there was rarely anyone in that ground floor, or just a few people, at most. This went on during 4-7 years ago, if my memory serves me right.

  • Obama?

    @ Homer Fink,

    Yes, I Googled “Simon Watson, photographer” and saw he is indeed a photographer, & a highly-accomplished one at that. Perhaps it was a photography school on the ground floor.