Open Thread Wednesday 1/9/08


What's on your mind this week, huh?

Bartender Damon leaves Jack the Horse, giant ice cubes stay.

The Busy Chef empire expands!

Brooklyn Heights real estate up 19%!! 

… and whatever else you'd like to discuss. Comment below! 

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  • Tim N.

    Will a second Busy Chef mean twice as many dopey posts?

    I heard they found the cure to cancer under one of the placemats there.

  • Publius

    Who’s everyone voting for in the presidential primaries?

    I’m pleased at the diversity of candidates out there and for the first time in a while, there’s a lot of competence on the table to select for national office.

  • statestreeter

    For the discussion ad nauseum on here about the corner of cranberry, I’m surprised to see no posts about the recent opening of uncommon grounds v2.0. Anyone been yet? Menu looks decent.

  • cranberry

    Most things on the UCG menu are either raw, seared, or need to be cooked to temperature. I dare you to go and have the tartare, the seared scallops AND the kobe burger medium rare….it’ll be like a science experiment. By the way they already have a framed article in the window from one of the local papers talking about their opening night(a few days ago?) In the article they are called Wine Bar at 50 Henry.

  • Qfwfq

    Hate to pick this nit again, but do you think the one behind this place can come up with their own menu, instead of ripping it off word for word from some other restaurant, including the “Our Preparations are Artisan Prepared” guarantee?

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Wow, Qfwfg is an incredible private eye. I’m sure glad you weren’t reviewing my term papers in college. How did you do that? A better question may be, what motivated you to even bother? Something tells me you have too much time on your hands. YOu skills should be utilized by our intelligence agencies. Lord knows we need it.

  • EJC

    wow, they pulled that menu pretty quickly.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Well Q, I hope you are happy now. The Wine Bar will now have to reword their menu to satisfy your particular objection to having a menu that was copied from an Atlanta restaurant a great distance away. Should we all thank you for alleviating any confusion in case we may have ventured into both and got confused.

    Hopefully, they didn’t print menu’s which now have to be reworded to satisfy your inane preoccupation. Life is difficult as it is but people like yourself make it all that much more.

    Next time I come across something that isn’t original I’ll pass it through you, the neighborhood cross checker.

    Just wondering, do you feel some sense of accomplishment? You obviously created unnecessary hardship for such an innocuous event. I just don’t get it.

  • Tchad

    ever think that is was just a place holder?

  • nabeguy

    Excuse me…”artisan prepared”? Who’s the guildmaster behind that phrase?

  • MM

    Not to start off a rant about the various CoC restaurants…although I guess with the re-opening/opening of UCG/The Winebar it’s happened already. Anyway, has anyone noticed that Oven is now an restaurant? From what I’ve heard, mainly on this board, it sounds like Oven is normally dead, do they really need online reservations as an option?
    (I guess it could be a ploy to get more people to come, but it’s still a rarity for a Brooklyn restaurant to be on opentable, so I just found it odd.)


    it’s just dan and his overinflated ego…at least that’d be my guess.
    the few times i have been by oven, i have never seen more than 6 or 7 people inside…

  • fishermb

    I’ve been reading Jack Johnson’s (boxer, not musician) biography and there is brief mention about how he thought about buying 82 Pierrepont Street back in 1910 for $62,000 but never did. Anyone know anything more about this? His life is fascinating, wondering if anyone knows more about his connection to the Heights?

  • embee

    Has anyone tried the new Vietnamese place on Montague?

  • Jane Bronwyn

    Does anyone know what happened to the regular Heights Lowdown blogger for the Brooklyn Paper? She wrote regularly about a lot of neighborhood issues, but seems to have disappeared. What’s the word? Is she coming back?

  • nabeguy

    Saw some construction going on inside the empty storefront in the St George on the Henry Street side. Anyone hear anything? Also noticed that the two empty spaces on Henry between Cranberry and Orange that previously held the bodega and burrito place have been joined into one large space. Can’t imagine that the asking rent is any more reasonable than what they wanted for the individual spaces.

  • Andrew Porter

    They’re finally working on the empty lot and buildings at 71, 73 and 75 Pineapple Street. Stuff has been scooped out of the empty lot, and the words “Don’t even think of parking here” have been written on the fence. I presume they’re going to be storing construction stuff there. They’ve also installed a porta-potty. You can see into 75 through the window. They’re gutting the place down to the brick walls.

  • Joe

    The new viet restaurant is good and cheap. The pho and service are better than good. The rest of the stuff is ok. Their spring rolls needs to be crispier and their iced coffee is just good but its a great welcome addition to the neighborhood since most of the new asian resturants that are cropping up seem to be all Thai.