Sobering News: Damon Leaves JtH

Damon Dyer


Jack the Horse Tavern überbartender, the talented Damon Dyer, has decided to move on. Local blogger VittlesVamp has the scoop:

But as of last night, an era has come to a close. Damon is moving on. Where to, he doesn't exactly know, but he thinks its time to expand his cocktailing horizons

Speaking for myself, he's one of the best damn bartenders I've encountered. His cocktails were one of JtH's biggest attractions. We wish this man of leisure all the best, and hope he returns soon.

Photo courtesy of VittlesVamp 

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  • Cranky

    oH NO. :-( I hope he lets us know where he goes. I only went in there to sit at the bar.

  • lifer

    Elana was great too..another one gone…

  • Charlotte

    Damon, please tell us where you’re off to! We will miss your inventive drinks.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    I’ll also miss Damon. I’ve been ill recently unable to leave my apartment but was looking forward to getting out of bed and discussing life in general with Mr. D.

    No question that he made a mean cocktail but his general good natured personality was a nice pick me up after a difficult day. Every meal I had at the Jack the Horse was at the bar for good reason.

    Hopefully he will let us know where he plans to go.

  • Beavis

    Damn good Pisco Sour.

  • Claude Scales

    Fare thee well, Damon, and thanks for some great times and libations.

  • lifer

    not that anyone noticed, I was thinking of a different bar when I lamented elana leaving… whoops… carry on..

  • Maxwell Britten

    I know many of you are disappointed to see Damon on his way as am I. But i must assure you that is no reason to turn your backs to Jack the Horse Tavern. I have been a friend of Damon’s for close to two years, a co-worker of his 1 and a half years, and his protégé in that time. I have studied very closely with him and many other bartender greats of the city, and I will do my best to honor his name and the cocktail itself. I am sad to see him go, but honored to be given this opportunity. Our cocktail menu will always have the “Man of Leisure”, as it was conceived at Jack the Horse, a landmark cocktail of the restaurant. I am delighted to inform the patrons and aficionados of cocktails that the menu has also got a lot of new drinks, using innovative recipes based off of the original models of cocktail conception, as well as couple of my own creations. So please come and join me at Jack the Horse for a cocktail or three and know that though personality has changed behind the bar, our drinks will remain true to our customers. I man the stick tuesday, wednesday, friday, and saturday evenings, I look forward to shaking your Man of leisure’s, and stirring your manhattans.

    Principal Barkeep
    Jack the Horse Tavern