Open Thread Wednesday 12/19/07


Stuff to discuss this week:

DUMBO landmarked

What to tip the staff for the holidays?

Freakin' Freegans

…and whatever else is on your mind… 

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  • Shammy

    Where’s a good place to chill in the neighborhood over the holidays?

  • GHB

    The Promenade. There’s always a chill out there this time of year…

  • hoppy

    I observed this afternoon that the common wall between the old Pig n’ Out BBQ and Flower Mart bodega on Henry Street near Cranberry had been knocked down, and the whole place completely gutted. I presume this spot will soon be leased to a single business now, but I wonder what?

  • JL

    Anyone know what is going in on Clark Street between Henry and Hicks. I think someone said office space n the old “Meet me at Clark Street” location (they have been doing constuction there for a few months), but when I walked by a few days ago I saw some blue lighting inside, eerily reminiscent of Chase Bank.

  • GHB

    Actually, a Chase would be nice there. I wouldn’t have to go to Montague for cash… On Henry, I’d love to see a fish market along the line of Fish Tales. Or a good produce market.

  • BklynChick

    Yeah, just what the neighborhood needs…another bank. GHB, you can’t be serious.

  • GHB

    BklynChick, I’m not. I noticed activity in the old Golden Hangers location on Clark. Could it be that all our empty storefronts are filling up?

  • sue

    What’s up with CVS on Henry? Is it closing? Why the banner on Rite Aid that says “We welcome all CVS customers?”

  • lonely on henry street

    I wondered the same thing Sue. I always liked that CVS because it was quiet. Same reason I liked the D’ag. We saw how it all worked out for D’ag at that location…

  • Beavis

    The problem with D’ag on Henry Street was that prices were usually 40% more epensive than Key Fud or Grosstedies. And that was just for basics. They also didn’t have anything that really distinguished themselves as a high end market to justify those prices. Arguably, Garden of Ripoff on Montague Street tries to justify their prices that way and succeeds somewhat.