Jewish Film Fest Continues

art_tt_yippee_011207.jpgSaturday night (12/15) the Brooklyn Heights Jewish Film Festival continues with Paul Mazursky's Yippie: A Journey to Jewish Joy.  Festival organizer Rabbi Simcha Weinstein promises "free popcorn" to any BHB readers who attend the screening (while supplies last!):

“Yippie: A Journey to Jewish Joy”
December 15th * 8pm
74 minutes (2006)
When award-winning American filmmaker, actor, and scriptwriter Paul Mazursky was told (by his optometrist) that 25,000—mostly Hassidic—Jews from around the world were expected to visit Uman for three days of praying, singing, and dancing, the director felt compelled to make the journey himself. He meets and interviews a wide variety of Jewish men from many countries, sharing meals, laughter, and this unique experience. Yippie is an infectious road movie filled with electricity and awe, and Mazursky is a splendid guide—funny, curious, and generous.
Congregation B’nai Avraham  117 Remsen Street, Bet Clinton & Henry St, Brooklyn Heights
Contact: Simcha Weinstein, Festival Curator
Tel: 718 596 4840 ext.15
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