“Mystery” Fireworks


A fireworks show, apparently from the South Street Seaport, rocked Brooklyn Heights this evening around 9pm. Despite our mad Googlin' skillz we can't find any info on what they were celebrating. Anyone know?

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  • evan

    just call 311 and they’ll tell you who filed for the permit.

  • joe

    woke the be-jesus out of my two children. Nothing better than two screaming kids to calm down and put back to sleep.

  • fishermb

    I’m surprised ‘captain obvious’ hasnt come around yet demanding to know where the fireworks came from, or why we would simply post a photo for others to enjoy…

  • lady montague

    Coast guard lists two sponsors:
    “NYC Events – K. Faehner 212-279-8771″
    “FJ Sciame/Pyro – D. Brady 516-351-5358″

  • Native

    You’ve got to be some special kind of stupid to be impressed by fireworks. I’ve grown beyond weary of these unannounced noise events that wake the children, scare the dogs, interrupt my work, drown out the movie and, in some instances, make my windows rattle. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! “Ooooo, look at the colors up in the sky!” Boom! Boom! Boom! “ooooo…….aaaaahhhhhh!” Like kittens fascinated by tinsel. Pathetic.

  • Nelson


  • lady montague

    Santa’s going to be leaving a lump of coal in your stocking this year, Native! bah humbug

  • JL

    Fire Fire Fire….Fire is cool

    Also heard the booms last night and was rather surprised myself, especially with the crummy weather we had. I would have thought they would have postponed until a more clear evening. Oh well.

    On a side note, we could use a calendar of events on this blog, including (but not limited to) special events, important public meetings, and of course, fireworks. :)

  • Homer Fink

    JL – you wanna write it?

  • JL

    Thanks for the offer Homer, but I am not as “in the know” as yourself. Next time, I will keep my ideas to myself if I don’t plan on acting on them.

  • google that LLC

    maybe something was being filmed? i suppose someone more motivated than myself could see if a permit were issued. I recall a couple of times fireworks at Governors Island for a motion picture, but never South Street.

  • bang bang

    Brooklyn Heights is not the suburbs, you live in a city, if noise gets you weary, the city is not for you. Anyone living here a long time should be beyond used to it. Where I am not fascinated by fireworks, I am sure there are things we all find fascinating like a kitten to tinsel, and others think is quite pathetic.

  • http://www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    Last night’s display was the culmination of Ambiguous Non-Caucasian Ethnicity Day. And oh, the FOOD they served!

  • Chris

    Amen bang bang. I’m tired of all the grumpy old bags in this neighborhood. I’m surprised these bags don’t have a problem with this blog too. “Damn pesky kids and their blogs!”

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.

    I see your point, Native, but I still think they\’re pretty cool.

    Here\’s the weird thing… as my daughter and I were walking back fro the promenade, we ran into some security crew at Pineapple and CH, with a lot of cars parked on the left side of Pineapple and some people in nice party clothes at a thing at one of the townhouses… connection?

  • http://brooklynenthusiast.blogspot.com/ Brooklyn Enthusiast

    Granted I don’t have children yet and my cats are terrified of the fireworks, but I happen to like the random shows and think it’s one of the nicer perks to living in Brooklyn. Just my 2 cents.

  • Lee

    Love them. They are always a delicious surprise-we run out to see them pulling on coats and boots if it’s cold. “Native” is grouchy! I’m a native, too and I’d much rather hear fireworks than honking horns and police cars. If you live here, and raise your kids here, you and they should learn the sounds of the city. I hear it’s nice and quiet in Montana . . .

  • BklynJace

    One late-fall evening a couple of years ago, my wife and kid and I had eaten an early dinner and were heading home. We decided to go a block out of our way to go up the Promenade, which the kid complained bitterly about for some kid my-whole-life-is-controlled reason. So after a brief argument, we were all kind of grumpy when we got there.

    Suddenly — BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Fireworks! We sat down and had this great display pretty much to ourselves. And walked home happy.

    I’ll take rattled windows and wondering WTF as trade for that great, only-in-the-city moment anytime.

    I’d write more but someone’s waving some tinsel at me….

  • marye

    I love the fireworks too, and weather permitting, I climb the ladder to my roof to watch. Needless to say, I didn’t do so this time.

    As to what they were in honor of, it was probably nothing more than a corporate holiday party. My husband has done event planning for some major corporations and the budgets are astounding.

  • hoppy

    There seems to be a display every year around mid-December. My guess is that it’s some recurring wall street firm’s holiday thing. My investment dollars at work.

  • Billy

    It was Frank Sciame’s Holiday party. He has it every year. What’s the woop? Big scene. developers, architects, lawyers, realtors, engineers, the whole scale and caliper crowd. His offices are on South St. The food and booze is good. You all weren’t invited???

  • T.K. Small

    I actually enjoy the loud sounds of the fireworks. As an amateur student of history, it reminds me of the sounds that probably were heard right in this neighborhood during the Battle for Brooklyn at the beginning of the Revolutionary war.

    At some point during my childhood my father started to exclaim, at the beginning of the fireworks “the British are coming! The British are coming!” During the recent event I found myself mumbling that phrase as I heard the fireworks start.

  • Lily

    And guess what!
    We never left!

  • Laura

    I saw fireworks too last Friday night, but the ones I saw outside my Tudor City apartment seemed like they were coming from the marina at 25th (?) street…not the Seaport (which I cannot see at all). I also enjoy an impromptu fireworks extravaganza, and of course, tinsel.