Welcome to the Nabe: Jakob Lodwick


Recently ousted Vimeo co-founder and notorious blogger Jakob Lodwick has moved to Brooklyn Heights. Oh, and he's selling his psychiatrist couch (photo).

Lodwick says he does not "enjoy" receiving email and that his brother (ericlodwick AT gmail) will be entertaining offers for the couch. He bought it retail for $2100, but for YOU… $700. Hurry "first come, first served!"

Photo: Jakob Lodwick via Flickr

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  • Cranky

    Oh no.

  • yo

    I hate these faux celebrities and their tragically hip lives:
    “I do not enjoy receiving email”

    oh..how awful your vegan life must be, you’re even forced to check email!!! Good thing you didn’t chose to go into computers. Oh wait, you did. Again, how tragically hip of you. Hey Jakob with a “k”, ever go the Tea Lounge? Its like such a great a great place to socialize with people. And by “socialize” I mean sit there in silence with your ipod on staring at your screen and not socializing.

  • Nelson

    ok, I give up. Who is Jakob (with a K)? And should we care?

  • http://www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    Are suntan lotion stains included with that couch?