Brooklyn Heights Jewish Film Festival

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein (aka the Comic Book Rabbi) will host/curate the Brooklyn Heights Film Festival.  The fest begins December 8 with Match & Marry (trailer above) featuring a post screening chat with matchmaker Chana Sharfstein. 

Screenings will take place at Congregation B'nai Avraham [117 Remsen Street]. 

Download flyer in PDF [Adobe Acrobat required].

Brooklyn Heights Jewish International Film Festival brings the best Kosher Jewish movies from around the world to its annual Festival. Come see the films that have been creating the “buzz” and winning awards throughout all the major film festivals.
Through features and conversations with guest personalities, the Festival explores Jewish identity, the current Jewish experience, and the richness of Jewish culture in relation to a diverse modern world.
Beginning the first Saturday night of Chanukah and running for three consecutive Saturday nights, we are thrilled to host the Brooklyn premier of the following three movies:
“Match & Marry”
December 8th * 8pm
50 minutes (2007) 
Marriage counsellors take note – a fresh look into the tradition of matchmaking that dates back thousands of years. This documentary features tales, anecdotes, and surprises of dating, arranged marriages, and marriage itself in the Orthodox Jewish community of New York. Although focusing on one particular culture, the messages are universal.
Take note anybody looking for love: the movie is being followed by a post-screening discussion with matchmaker Chana Sharfstein who is featured in the movie.
“Yippie: A Journey to Jewish Joy”
December 15th * 8pm
74 minutes (2006)
When award-winning American filmmaker, actor, and scriptwriter Paul Mazursky was told (by his optometrist) that 25,000—mostly Hassidic—Jews from around the world were expected to visit Uman for three days of praying, singing, and dancing, the director felt compelled to make the journey himself. He meets and interviews a wide variety of Jewish men from many countries, sharing meals, laughter, and this unique experience. Yippie is an infectious road movie filled with electricity and awe, and Mazursky is a splendid guide—funny, curious, and generous.
Hear what the critics are saying about Yippie: “Brilliant documentary, beautifully told—and funny.” – Larry King; “Paul Mazursky delivers an enchanting world, funny, fascinating and surprisingly touching.” – Mel Brooks; “A deeply moving film—powerful—and wonderfully funny. Yippee!” – Kirk Douglas.
Yippie, is followed by a post screening discussion with several of the Breslav Hassidim featured in the movie.

Creating Harmony: The Displaced Persons Orchestra From St. Ottilien” December 22th * 8pm

74 minutes (2007)
A poignant documentary about the Bavarian musical group. The St. Ottilien Jewish Orchestra follows their evolution from 1945 to 1949. As Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, the men formed a bond through their music during DP camp imprisonment. They performed frequently at St. Ottilien, and later at prisons, sanitariums, and for Nuremberg judges.
The movie is based on the book, Symphony on Fire: A Story of Music and Spiritual Resistance during the Holocaust, by Sonia Beker, who will be speaking and book-signing after the event. 
Previous years have drawn sold-out showings, so we recommend reserving in advance.
Congregation B’nai Avraham ~ 117 Remsen Street, Bet Clinton & Henry St, Brooklyn Heights
Contact: Simcha Weinstein, Festival Curator
Tel: 718 596 4840 ext.15


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