New Playground Equipment at Pier 1

BHB photo by K. Junkersfeld

BHB photo by K. Junkersfeld

As we noted yesterday, the dangerous domes at the playground on Pier 1 were slated to be replaced by a “red house” and a “fairy castle”. Our intrepid Mr. J. went to the park this morning, and found new items already in place. That’s obviously the “red house” in the foreground. It looks like it should be safe and fun, but we’re puzzled by the cryptic “KOMPAN”. Does this lend credence to the Village Voice’s theory that the “red house” may be seen as a Marxist Trojan horse? We’re not sure if the structure in the background is, in fact, a “fairy castle”. Perhaps we should ask George Rekers.

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  • Reggie

    Kompan is a brand name. For those in the know, their products are easily identified by all the roundy corners.

  • Dudeface

    Ode to the dome piece(s)

    Domes of sunlight glory
    Aluminum in rubberized sand
    We’ll miss your burning fury
    In our hearts and on our hands

  • anon

    Check out for more photos of their playground equipment, which is also located in LICH Park on Henry St and Amity St., as well as in Plymouth Church’s play yard. And in the new playground at the Tampa Children’s Museum, too. Usually, though, the Kompan brand name sign is a little more inconspicuous.

    Also, Tiki Barber’s company is the local rep for Kompany.

  • David G

    well done dudeface.

  • Big DAve

    metal sliding dome
    too prone for toddler burning
    frying trash in dump

  • Monty

    I visited the playground today with my daughter. The new features are adorable and also burning hot in the sun. Even the rubber swings were burning hot. Also worth noting, two of the swings had been replaced with handicapped accessible swings. They were also burning hot.

  • Joe

    Excellent Dudeface!

    Kids love the houses much better but asked where the domes went.