This is What Happened to the Message Board at First Presbyterian

Yesterday, “Dave” asked this question on Open Thread Wednesday:

Anyone know what happened to the quote board at the first church on henry? It looks like it was torn down and has been gone for about two weeks now. Where will i get my nugget of wisdom on the way to work now?!

FPC elder Larry Picard tells BHB that it fell down. Well, there’s a little more to the story.  Each week Rev. Stephen Phelps, interim pastor at the church, composes the message for the week and church Sexton Victor Forde is charged with posting it on the board outside.

Here’s Larry’s account…. of Victor’s account of what happened this week:

[Victor] was putting up the new quote and the message board started coming away from the side of the church. He tried to catch it and did, but being so ancient, it was extremely heavy and it lowered to his legs. A passerby shouted “drop it”! “Drop it”! And having no other choice except for it to push him to the ground with it on top of him, he had to let it go. Apparently, it was amazing that it stayed up so long. At least that’s how I heard the story from Victor.

Whew on many accounts.  It wasn’t stolen and Victor is no worse for the wear.  Hopefully there’ll be a new board up soon.   If you can’t wait for the new board to be put up,  check out Rev. Phelps’ archive of sermons or Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. Paul Smith’s blog.

Homer and Mrs. Fink are new members of FPC.

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  • Dave

    Thanks Homer! You’ve got more answers than Alex Trebek!

  • RatNYC

    I have not yet seen a message indicating that parking on the bike lane is ilegal and trespasses on your fellow biker neighbors, but I have faith, so yeah, I can’t wait for the quote board to go back up.

  • Andrew Porter

    This is the quote board we’re talking about, right, not the sign attached to the building that for so many years had the wonderful message at the bottom, “Performing illegal marriages since 1984″?

  • Andrew Porter

    Sorry, wrong church. I thought you meant the one at Monroe and Pierrepont.