Pier 6 Mentioned as “Hot Spot” in the NY Times

Our very own Mr. Junkersfeld pointed us toward this article in today’s New York Times—”10 New Hot Spots if Summer Needs Sizzle.” Along with rooftop bars and indie concerts comes Pier 6:

So feverish was the anticipation of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 playground, at the foot of Atlantic Avenue, that parents watched its installation via Web cam. Since opening last month, the 1.6-acre playground, with its four play areas and squishy Pebble-Flex underfoot, has shocked and awed the borough’s discerning parents.

Variety is its main attraction. As with a multiple-course meal, if your first grader tires of Slide Mountain and its stupendous 30-foot-high climbing teepee, there are the 6,000-square-foot sandbox and the double-seaters at Swing Valley, which also has ample grass for a picnic. And on sweltering days, there is also the Water Lab, which has floor jets and a giant Archimedes’ screw that lets children move water from the reservoir below up the screw. Don’t let the benches made from salvaged wood fool you: this oasis, designed for ages 5 to 12, requires on-your-feet supervision, with its slippery rocks and elevated deck. Comfort takes a back seat in other ways. Real bathrooms aren’t expected to open until summer’s end, and unless you live right by the B.Q.E., it’s a hike. Still, crowds keep coming. One dad from Manhattan was spotted last Sunday trying to hail a taxi.

He may have been better off taking the Brooklyn ferry to Governors Island and then Manhattan one home.

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  • Teddy

    The best part of pier 6 is the ferry to Governor’s Island. As for hailing a cab at that location, you’re right about the 2 ferries being a better option.