Ticket Blitz at 20 Henry Street Construction Zone

The ticket blitz around the 20 Henry Street construction zone has been going on for a while now.  Our Karl Junkersfeld files this video manifesto.

Have you gotten a ticket there?

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  • Obama?

    Why does government go out of its way to target middle & working class people with excessive taxes, fines, etc.?

  • my2cents

    Great Job Karl!!!
    Maybe Doug Biviano can get on this bandwagon. Until then, I think I might make some cautionary signs to tape up to the scaffolding. The cops will probably tear them down, though. I wish there was a way I could use your video to fight my ticket.

  • A

    Love the dramatic music

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    my2cents, if you want a DVD, I’ll provide one for you. Just tell me where to drop it off.

  • my2cents

    Hey all, I just postd some paper signs on the columns of the scaffolding warning people not to park there. I noticed several cars had tickets and it made me so mad that the city is fleecing people this way (too bad they don’t have placards, right?) I am curious to see if the cops tear down my signs. But if they do, I have more signs and I will wait and film them doing it and then there will be some internet fun to be had! I doubt I can fight my ticket successfully, but this will at least be 60 bucks worth of satisfaction.

  • AAR

    Perhaps it has already been said, but worth mentioning again — this is hardly a construction site any longer and hasn’t been one for more than a year! What should get a ticket and enforcement is (1) loose board fence and broken sidewalk on Henry Street and (2) the lack of maintenance along Middagh St – trash on the sidewalk and several non-functioning lights under the shed. Thanks my2 for putting signs up. Alas, 4 of 5 cars parked next to 20 Henry have tickets as of about 9:30 PM.

  • ha

    So, that was my2cents. Finally, a face to the name. So not what I imagined.

  • my2cents

    The internet’s anonymity is a wonderous thing, no?

  • David G

    Great video Karl.

  • http://cranberry's jimbo

    can anyone tell me why DOT has taken away 6 parking spaces that have been legal for at least the last thirty years. On Henry St. across from Ziggy’s that was always a 2 space spot now they placed a sign with no standing that if moved 6″ would bring back that space almost every evening after midnight any car their gets ticketed., also on Henry/Cranberry again no standing signs taking away 2 spaces,
    On Middagh/Henry 3 spaces taken away with no standing 7a-7pm, Why are street vendors allowed to park their vehicles all day (feed the meters) when they are selling their goods and having me drive around consistently looking for a parking space and creating more vehicle traffic and pollution)???has anybody noticed also that at Cranberry/Henry 2 fireboxes their since last August, along with Atlantic/Henry St. Explanation to me was the fire department is responsible for the
    switch and the newer box has been wired since then?????? If I had the time I am sure their are many many more situations in the Heights that similar. Oh yeah the latest of questionable happenings, the fruit stand at clark/henry closes at nights end and leaves his cart their, wish I had a landlord that would give me that kind of lease??? Who am I to question this????

  • http://cranberry's jimbo

    ALSO why did DOT add a street cleaning sign at the Construction site if the sign says no parking construction site, very confusing?

  • Minitennisball

    Not only did I get a ticket here, I got towed too. It cost me $245 plus about 4 hours to get my car back. I fought it but of course I was still found guilty.

  • nabeguy

    The sign governing these 4 spaces is, in fact, there on a pole about 15 feet down from the corner. Unfortunately, you can’t see the sign, because the scaffolding shed was built over it. It’s only visible if you stand at the very base of the pole and look up through the crack in the scaffolding. Take a picture of that, and you’d probably have a better case in court.

  • my2cents

    That sucks! But if it is any consolation, I am happy to report the signs seem to have worked! This morning on my way to work, I checked and there was not a single car parked on that side of the street! If you figure there are normally about 7 cars parked there, that’s 420 bucks of middle finger to the city that I just gave them! haha!

  • nabeguy

    Good job my2. I warned about these spots quite a while back, when they were towing out cars every morning at 6:30, but I guess it got lost in the ether.

  • my2cents

    Yeah I am sure I read that and then sort of forgot about it.

  • AAR

    Great signs, my2. Around 10 PM Friday night they all seemed to be intact and not a car parked. Next step — a campaign to restore legal parking since this is no longer an active construction site!

  • my2cents

    Amen. I can see the Brooklyn Paper headline: Peaks Mints construction leaves Heights residents with bitter taste in their mouth

  • pj

    i got a ticket at 20 henry, took lots of snapshots and walked to traffic court on court and joralemon. fortunately, the adjudicator deemed my shots sufficient proof and the fine was dismissed. but i could easily see going to another adjudicator taking the opposite stance. where could one go to arrange to have this street returned to parked cars since it’s an inactive building site. does anyone know who might have the authority to change the signage?

  • my2cents

    Hmm, pj, maybe I should fight my ticket then! You have given me hope.

  • nabeguy

    7:30 AM July 4th. Signs still in place. This is our version of the Boston Tea Party, and my2 our very own John Adams. Happy 4th of July folks!