Open Thread Wednesday 6/30/10

BHB Photo Club pic by ad454 via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by ad454 via Flickr

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  • my2cents

    I just wanted to warn people not to park next to 20 Henry Street on Henry between Middagh and Cadman Plaza. There is some very confusing signage there and I got a ticket, along with all the other cars parked on that side of the block a few nights ago. There is a “temporary construction” no parking sign they just bolted on underneath the existing Wednesday street cleaning sign, and it is not at all clear that the new sign applies to the entire block, because it is posted inside a barricaded-off area, nor is it obvious that this temporary sign supersedes the sign right above it!! I intend to fight the ticket, but I just wanted to warn people not to park there so the city can stop making money off their intentionally deceptive sign placement.

  • David G

    I did the same thing last week and also got a ticket. I’m still pissed off at the city. Should we create makeshift signs warning people?

  • Dave

    Anyone know what happened to the quote board at the first church on henry? It looks like it was torn down and has been gone for about two weeks now. Where will i get my nugget of wisdom on the way to work now?!

  • BHer

    I need to have someone come and clean my leather sofa. Anyone have a recommendation?

  • Peter

    Checking out Ozu on Friday … solid choice? I remember hearing good things on here at one point. Any recommendations?

  • WillowtownCop

    All parking signs extend to the end of a block in both directions unless there is another sign on the block that says something different (i.e. a fire zone sign with an arrow).

    The honest answer is it doesn’t matter what the signs say because most brownies don’t care to or can’t read them, and when you try to fight the ticket some “judge” (see today’s Post about the one who was fired for taking popcorn as a bribe) tells you it’s your word against theirs so you’re guilty no matter what the evidence.

    The real scandal is you can’t make a civilian complaint against a traffic agent- you have to take it up with internal affairs.

  • tb

    Ozu needs better chopsticks. Ask my husband, he will tell you the same thing.
    Ok food. Good for kids.

  • harumph

    Ozu’s food is like their choice in chop sticks.

  • nabeguy

    my2, sorry to heat that. I thought I had posted about this situation a while back. If it’s any consolation, be glad you weren’t towed. Up until a few months ago, the DOT had 3 trucks pull up there every morning at 6:30 to haul people away.

  • MM

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a doctor in the area that removes stitches? I got stitches last week and need to have them removed on Friday and would prefer to not have to go back to the ER. Thanks!

  • yd

    20 Henry: When I saw people parking in there, I used to warn them that it is an illegal spot until one night I caught a really bad attitude from someone. Now I just walk by there, bite my tongure and smile when I see the tickets as I know that the more tickets being written the less likely they will raise my taxes (fine, at least let me wish for that!).

  • my2cents

    I am going to make makeshift signs…so pissed

  • my2cents

    MM if you have a minor stitch wound that is adequately healed, you can remove them yourself pretty easily. Just take a sterilized tweezer and a sterilized nail scissor, and just snip the stitches one at a time and gently pull the thread out. As long as the wound has healed to the proper extent, that’s all it takes. I did that myself once because I didn’t have a doctor to go to either. It was a lot easier than I expected.

  • AEB

    my2 reminds me that I’ve done the same. A manicure scissors works well. Use one–and a pair of tweezers–that are expendable if you sterilize as I did, in the flame of a stove-top burner.

    Allow the metal to get red hot and be sure to cool! And, as my2 says, the incision must have healed sufficiently before you auto-op.

  • BHer

    Ozu got the good chop sitcks. Ate there last night. Crazy roll and Duck roll are both great, and it still BYOB.

  • T.K. Small

    I have had a fair amount of experience with medical issues. On a weekly basis, I boil a piece of stainless steel medical equipment to kill the germs. It probably is not necessary to get the metal red-hot and, since the scissors or tweezers are not being used invasively, that should be sufficient. Good luck!

  • Clarky

    Does anyone know what is going on with the little cafe inside of the Clark St. subway station? It had reopened as Tranzeats or something like that recently, and then closed again and it looks like they are doing some sort of renovation. Is it still going to be a cafe? New owners? I never tried the food but I’m still curious.

  • bh_dad

    Went to Ozu the other night. It’s not bad especially for the neighborhood, kid friendly and quick service. I prefer it over Iron Chef & any of the other Chinese run Japanese restaurants on Montague.

  • my2cents

    Maybe Ozu’s chopsticks can be used to remove stitches!

  • lori

    Did you know there is a new hair place on Montague Street, just above Variety Mart. Just opened this past week – I hadn’t heard at all about this opening, despite all the hooopla about stores closing and new stores opening.

  • harumph

    @Lori – just saw that myself this morning – anyone have any news on the space – placard in the windows states “yes, we’re open!”

  • GHB

    Anyone hear anything about the sinkhole on the Promenade by Clark Street? It’s still blocked off after almost 2 weeks, but not yet fixed.