Area Man’s Japanese Slot Machines Covered by NY Times

The NY Times reports on folks who love collecting pachislos – Japanese slot machines – and one of them lives in Brooklyn Heights:

NY Times: AT first glance, it looks as if Eddie Cramer is operating a casino out of his modest one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights, or at least one as Ziggy Stardust might have imagined it.

Japanese slot machines known as pachislos — all flashing lights and tinny, obnoxious noise — rest on just about every horizontal surface of the 500-square-foot space, including the sink and the stove. In his living room, where the walls are painted black to match the carpet, there are nearly a dozen machines, and the only furnishings are a few scoop-backed stools.

In the bedroom is a bed (surprise!) and a lot more slot machines.

Your first assurance that this is not a gambling den is Mr. Cramer himself, a soft-spoken man who tells his guest, fidgeting, “I don’t really even like having people in here.”

Thanks AEB!

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  • Andrew Porter

    Big deal. A friend of mine in Hempstead has one, but his pride and joy are three German pinball machines, which we play endlessly when there’s a party there. Just push the reset button; no quarters involved.

  • Eddie Cramer

    I also have 7 Pinball machines! Not to mention a full Arcade in a basement in the Heights!

  • Alice

    Eddie! Now I know what you are doing with that apartment!

  • Alice

    But where are the motorcycles?

  • Eddy de Laurot

    @ Andrew Porter,

    Eddie’s collection and arcade blows your friends measly 3 machines away….

    Eddie, maybe post a link to some pix?