Tree Down on Hicks Street… Been There for Days


A BHB tipster writes in about a downed tree in the North Heights:

[The tree is] on Hicks between Poplar and the BQE service road. We woke up to it on Friday a.m. and it has been there since. We’ve called 311 and it also has been reported to the Parks Dept. As you can see, it is blocking a fire hydrant. After our call to 311 last night, the caution tape was placed around the tree.

The yellow tape is a new addition today, our tipster says.  Hopefully this means removal will be happening soon.

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  • Andrew Porter

    If someone told the fire house on Middagh about it, how it blocks a fire hydrant, I bet action would have been faster.

    Telling the BHA about it would have helped, too. They know who to call to get swift action.

  • MRG6726

    Andrew – FDNY was most likely the responders who left that limb in front of the hydrant. Parks Department Forestry Crews are instructed to not leave debris so as to prevent or complicate access to fire hydrants, manhole covers and vault covers, driveways and roadways. FDNY routinely leaves debris in front of their hydrants all throughout the city.