Hazardous Pier 1 Access To Continue Two More Weeks

“Furman Street Frogger”, as The Brooklyn Paper’s Andy Campbell calls it, will continue for at least another fortnight:

The Brooklyn Paper: You’re taking your life in your own hands when trying to enter Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park — and developers say it’ll be two more weeks before it’s safe.

Construction and upgrades at the entrance of the brand new Pier 1 public park at the foot of Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn Heights has cut off the main entrance to the greenspace, forcing pedestrians into Furman Street along with semi-truck, tour bus, and cars.

This continuing problem, along with access difficulties at Pier 6, means that getting to the new portions of Brooklyn Bridge Park is a challenge at either end.

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  • my2cents

    My advice to those of you desiring to enter the park is to walk down the hill by the dog park and take a left on Doughty street. You still need to cross Furman, but there are no crazy steel plates on the street or barricades and you cross straight into a the little asphalt drop-off lot by the park’s bathrooms. It is a lot easier to enter that way than crossing at Fulton Ferry, IMHO. I assume there is a curb cut there somewhere so it should be accessible as well, but I’d have to go back to check in order to be sure about that part.

  • nabeguy

    Or you can drop through the new sinkhole on the Promenade. At this point, that seems like the safest option.

  • ashton

    I hear they are blocking all access to the park from Brooklyn and from now on it will only be accessible from manhattan by ferry.
    Can’t comment on accessibility via the sinkhole, but I’m sure our best and brightest are working on it.

  • T.K. Small

    The great thing about sinkholes is that they are built with universal design considerations and are an equal opportunity swallower.

  • nabeguy

    ashton, the MTA has contracted with the folks at Disney to turn the sinkhole into an interactive water slide with animatronic figures of Walt Whitman and Henry Ward Beecher as guides. They’re calling it “Pirates of the Has-Beenia”

  • my2cents

    Actually the sinkhole is the beginning of the new access route to the park directly from the promenade. Nabeguy is right.

  • Remsen

    Nice Ashton…and the park will be renamed South Street Seaport East

  • Hicks on Hicks

    Avoid the mayhem. Take the Doughty street access.

  • George Earl

    Hey, how ’bout it, neighbors — The kind of massive constructions that is going into total redo of this part of the Heights is going to take more than a campus weekend. Expecting to have all areas of entry to what will end up one of the finest modern parks ever created in NYC requires designing skills, carpentry, and tons of money. How about sticking to walks on our Promenade before all the criticism of the Pier? It may be taking more than you expected, but have you considered that is because it is being made not only aesthetically top-drawer, but safe? Duhh …

  • cat

    George Earl: If they were spending all their time making it safe, wouldn’t they have figured out all the dangerous access/traffic issues BEFORE they opened Piers 1 & 6? As well as figuring out that those aesthetically pleasing domes were really inverted pans ready to fry a child’s hand in half a second? “Duhh…”

  • T.K. Small

    There are more than enough attorneys participating on this blog which remember this phrase from law school, “liability begets careful management”. From everything I’ve read on this blog and in response to my posting last week, it seems that the pedestrian issues should be addressed soon. But I hope in the meantime that no one, especially any kids gets hurt in the meantime from such an obviously foreseeable situation.