BHA Presses DOT on Pier 6 Crossing Safety

Judy Stanton, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, has contacted the City Department of Transportation about concerns over safety of pedestrians, especially with children, crossing from Atlantic Avenue to the new playground in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Pier 6. She reports:

I talked to the NYC DOT today re the accident prone approach to Pier 6 on Atlantic Avenue and, now that the playground has opened, they are well aware of the dangers and have started taking counts of cars and observing people crossing in volume. The pedestrian crossing signal was installed only a few months ago and they realize that another traffic light is going to be needed there. I am assured that they will take several measures which they will announce sometime next week. I expect they’ll remove the right turn on red privilege with signage to reinforce. They know there’ s a need [for] more than that, though. Left turning cars (coming from the west, either from Columbia Street and/or Furman) and trucks are supposed to STOP when pedestrians are crossing there, but because the Atlantic Avenue traffic light is further east up by LICH, cars and trucks are not all stopping to allow people to cross. This – to me – is even scarier especially when one is leaving Pier 6 with the left turning at your back when you cross with your light. It will take some weeks to install new electrical conduits under the AA overpass but a new traffic light there seems inevitable. They’ll reach out to the NYPD for enforcement but it’s a difficult space in which the cops (usually in a patrol car) who enforce moving violations … can situate themselves.

Ms. Stanton suggests that, until new signals and signage are installed on Atlantic, those wishing to use the playground should approach it on Joralemon Street and cross Furman Street at the light there.

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  • ashton

    Obviously the new park is best reached by car, but oops, there is no parking because Judy and the BHA are allergic to other people’s cars. soooo, peasants can ride their donkeys to the pier, or have their grandparents drive them there and wait in the car. We suggest waiting on nearby Garden Place as there are no parking facilities whatsoever avialable in the neighborhood, because we believe only the truly wealthy are entitled to own cars in Kings County and poor people’s children are too fat anyway so just make those little butterballs walk a mile from the subway. Thank you so much.

  • my2cents

    Well, at least it’ll keep people from other parts of the borough away as intended, Ashton.

  • Steve

    Moan. Moan. Moan. Whine. Whine. Whine.

  • Andrew Strauss

    To me, the bird poop is so disgusting under that overpass that nobody would want to walk down Atlantic to the park anyway.

  • T.K. Small

    In thinking about the pigeon poop problem, I conducted a quick search figuring that there might be some oddball website on this topic. But to my utter amazement, I discovered that the NYC DOH has prepared a whole page on this issue. You just can’t make this up…

  • Ari

    Yes, all we need in Willowtown is another major influx of people who don’t live here clogging our once quiet streets.

  • JM

    You think Bloomy’s office might have considered these issues BEFORE they funded and built their grand condominium park? The thing is a joke, and every day it gets worse. The public was duped big time on this one.
    Hey , why not put one of these for profit parks on the on ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge? Then we can slap a toll on the bridge to pay for it! Holy 2 birds with one stone Mayor Mike!!

  • bornhere

    And all of this seemed so neat on paper. I’m sure the myriad issues will be addressed, but let’s hope there are no more injuries in either venue.

  • bklyn20

    The BHA and Ms. Stanton’s opinion on this is valuable, but I must point out the The Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund sent a letter to all the electeds and the DOT about this over a week ago. Now if only we could put signage on the two fenced squares of soil pointing out that this is future condo space — 30 and 16 stores, respectively!

  • gatornyc

    ashton, “the new park is best reached by car”? Why? The B61 and B63 buses are right at the base of Pier 6, and it’s an easy walk from the mass of subways at Borough Hall. And there is parking at Pier 6 with a Quick Park facility in OBBP. More parking will be added as more of the park is developed. Should none of the Park be open until it is completed? That would be a waste.

    JM, there is nothing for profit about the park. How was the public duped? What happened that wasn’t made public? Just keep bitching and moaning everything that gets done because the City would be better without BPP or any other new public works.

  • bhmom3

    I have a bigger issue with the safety of kids who run freely out of the play areas in Pier 6 from one to the other, and have the opportunity to just leave the park when they are out of sight. I personally found it very hard to keep an eye on multiple kids, at least in the little playground with the pyramid climbing structure. There is no closed gate and multiple egresses (sp?) Not good.

  • zburch

    The best part of the ‘park’ is leaving it. I will bravely dodge cars, pigeons and wayward tots to board the ferry for the relative tranquility of governors island.

  • my2cents

    Gosh. Some of you people don’t deserve a park this nice. You need a bridge to live under with the rest of the trolls. We are blessed to live on the doorstep of this park. Most of the “controversy” doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the bigger scheme of things.

  • Teddy

    Maybe it’s time to think about congestion pricing again. It would definitely reduce the number of vehicles passing through on their way to the bridges. Strollers, small kids, concentrated vehicle exhaust, heavy commercial traffic and frustrated drivers don’t make a good/safe combination. The pigeon poop doesn’t help either.

  • my2cents

    Maybe people should just move then…

  • ashton

    My goodness! this really is a fraught issue. Obviously, we like the park but not so much people from here and there accessing it. How do you think American families with little kids get around?
    This is a multiple choice question:
    1) dirigibles
    2) arks
    3) segways
    4) suv’s

  • my2cents

    can you circle more than one?

  • ashton

    circle more than once? how about circle more than twenty when finding a place to park? This is not Henry Ward Beecher’s Brooklyn any more where you either had your carriage master pick you up and take you home or you stayed home and shined your mistresses shoes.

  • JM

    gatornyc, “there’s nothing for profit about the park”? The entire financial rationale of the park, by Bloomberg’s definition, is “for profit” . Instead of a real public park, financed by the city for the public”s benefit, THIS park must be “self financing”. That financing is supposed to come from the condominiums/hotels and or retail structures IN the damn park as envisioned by this administration.
    The public was duped because the park is in reality creating a huge selling point for the condo’s who’s footprints have actually been outlined and left barren within the park itself. It’s like the public financed a huge a landscaping project so a private entity could come in a and build and sell house there. You think most people realize this?
    I wouldn’t “bitch and moan” about a real public park. Are you aware this administration has slashed the city’s park funding to historically and unsustainably low levels? THAT’s something that worth “bitching & moaning” about don’t you think?

  • Hicks from Hicks

    The self-funding park concept alllows us to do more with limited funds. We are already the highest taxed Americans. We have three choices, same taxes no new parks, new parks and new taxes, or new parks and non-tax funding sources. I prefer the last choice. What do you prefer JM?

  • JM

    Hicks, who exactly determined that THOSE are our 3 choices? It’s a matter of priorities of funding.
    Who determined that we cant build parks prmdfund the ones we have within our current tax structure?
    Same thing w/ the fed. The right would have us beleive we need to cut prpgams that benefit the public or raise taxes. Not true. There are areas you can trim and re-alocate.

  • epc

    Blame Bloomberg and the city for many things, but the self-funding bit was a Pataki special. With the city officially just taking ownership of the park this past week it’s now in the city’s lap to decide how to fund it (depending on whether or not the self-funding bit is coded into law in Albany).