Tickle the Ivories on Pier 1

Pianos that are yours for the playing will be installed at various Brooklyn locations, including Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1, from June 21 through July 5.

The Brooklyn Paper: Pianos are going to be scattered throughout Brooklyn starting on June 21 — but it’s your job to take control of them lest some yahoo sit down and start playing “Heart and Soul” for hours.

Working pianos will be available at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 in DUMBO, the Coney Island Boardwalk and McCarren Park in Greenpoint, among other locales, part of a plan by the organization Sing For Hope to get Brooklynites involved in music and their surroundings.

Note to TBP’s Andy Campbell: Pier 1 is not in DUMBO. (Just where it is, is another question.)

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  • francoise

    quelle merveilleuse idée !

  • lori

    Specific location for the piano according to a previous release: Brooklyn Bridge Park’s piano will be located at the base of the granite prospect on Pier 1. Come down to the park and play for fellow visitors! I guess we need a new designation for the location of Pier 1 and Pier 6 – maybe Brooklyn Bridge Park will be famous enough for its own designation.

  • hoppy

    “……lest some yahoo sit down and start playing ‘Heart and Soul’ for hours.”

    I fear it will be more like groups of 8-year-olds just banging the keys randomly :(

  • http://www.brooklynpaper.com Andy Campbell

    Ya huh! PS, the hot metal domes of doom (in DUMBO) are long gone. http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/33/26/dtg_ac_metalorbs_2010_06_25_bk.html

  • nabeguy

    I hope they use the the tents from the domes over the pianos…those ivories can get pretty hot in the sun!

  • ashton

    nabeguy, that is the first amusing thing you have ever written. Usually you are kind of…..judgmental?

  • nabeguy

    Ha, ha, ashton, you’re so droll.