Margin Call Shoots in Brooklyn Heights – Penn Badgely, Paul Bettany on Columbia Heights


Paul Bettany and Penn Badgely were on Columbia Heights this afternoon shooting Margin Call a drama about the financial crisis.   Both actors have connections to Brooklyn Heights – Bettany is married to Heights native Jennifer Connelly and Badgely stars in Gossip Girl which uses Packer Collegiate Institute as one of its backdrops.

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More photos and video after the jump.

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  • AEB

    What?! Sexually attractive people in BH?!

  • Monty

    Wow! Two people I’ve never heard of are making a movie I’ll never see! Also, I miss Law and Order.

  • AEB

    I’m willing to pay people to be sexually attractive in Brooklyn Heights.


  • ashton

    Is it me or are there too many movies being filmed in the Heights?
    Other neighborhoods push back a little. We can’t count on the BHA to do even the smallest pragamtic thing for us, so it is really up to us, the people of the community, to write the mayor’s office and say “enough’s enough!”
    Does anyone out there want to start a new neighborhood organization? One that actually tries to do practical things to help the residents? Brooklyn Heights desperately needs a real neighborhood organization that represents the grassroots as opposed to the elites who think that commmunity service means organizing expensive private parties and readings. We need to start an alternative to the BHA, I think only about 300 people belong to it anyway. We could get twice or triple that number just by saying we are the anti-BHA.

  • watchin on the nade

    what is totally lame, mind u not concerned with the filming so much as the fact that they make impossible for you to park when they block parking. they have these gargantuan men that attack you if you try to park prior to the “no parking” hours. Last night i spent 1 hour looking for a spot alone with 2 sleeping kids at 8PM and they wouldnt let me park my car on my own block….i would have been fine with them relocating my car, but they stopped me from parking.

  • nabeguy

    ashton, you truly do amuse me. Have you not realized that the grass roots are already in place and you’re just a dandelion amongst them? Find another battle and perhaps another neighborhood more receptive to your angst.

  • my2cents

    ummm…who cares about those douchey actors? Can we talk about that sexy Aston Martin for a second?

  • Andrew Porter

    Ashton, what will you do when they seal up the entrance to your sinkhole and you’re stuck up here in BH?

  • Alanna

    I’m all about that sexy Aston Martin…and Paul Bettany isn’t so bad to look at, either ;)

  • Monty

    Anything that prevents people from parking is ok in my book.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Ashton, of course you’re right; entirely too many films are shot in Brooklyn Heights. Last week my stretch of Remsen St (between Hicks and Henry) was taken over by a shoot for two days! Does the neighborhood, as opposed to some local merchants and greater New York, get any money for its forbearance?

  • really?

    complaining about parking is silly in brooklyn heights. Sounds ridiculous. And the story about the sleeping kids, please… I have kids too and a car. Get a spot in a lot. or don’t drive or plan ahead. It’s life. everyone wants to complain about something. You’re perpetuating the stereotype of complaining fancy new yorkers. It’s depressing. Too many films in brooklyn heights? that sounds crazy too. If you’re sick of watching brooklyn heights in the movies, then don’t watch the movies or don’t watch the tv shows. And if you don’t like the filming or parking then drive to another neighborhood and stay there. It makes me sad to live here and hear all this nonsense.

  • watchin on the nade

    really? your a total assinine. 6 blocks of the neighborhood blocked off to no parking..for filming that makes you happy? and you benefit because how?

  • really?

    watchin on the nade…why do i have to benefit? You are making a big deal out of nothing. I sound assanine? listen to what you are saying about 6 blocks in your neighborhood for one afternoon? Have you ever been to the movies and said wow “that looks like my neighborhood” I’m sure you have…and you like it. Have you ever walked friends or relatives through the neighborhood to brag about what cool movies made it to your neighborhood? 6 blocks? I sound assanine? please. You sound like a victim. you should be proud of your neighborhood.

  • watchin on the nade

    really?, you’re an idiot because u cant read and comprehend. i said i was annoyed because they wouldnt let me park (ahead of the no parking period)….i would have rather allowed them to tow my car.

  • really?