Copper Theft on Garden Place

A tipster sent this in:

Sometime between midnight of Tuesday night and 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, someone must have walked up the stoop on Garden Place and removed the bottom section of copper leader (for scrap) from our home. I am just passing this information on to you in the hope that this might prevent other thefts of this nature on our block.

Has anyone heard of other copper thefts in the neighborhood? UPDATE: Here’s an incident from May on Joralemon.

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  • knowingitall

    I just heard about three more copper leader thefts since Tuesday night on State Street. Owners like copper because it lasts much longer and it’s pretty when it weathers (also historically correct). But painting over it is the usual way to disguise it, thereby avoiding the hassle of repeated replacements.

  • Peter

    It’s happened on Remsen too, between Henry and Clinton.

  • tpot

    I know of a number of copper leader thefts in Fall 2009 on Grace Court and a few in 2008 before on State and Henry within a block of their intersection. A couple years ago a number of houses on Henry near State had all their decorative front door hardware stripped over night, as well.

  • Matthew Parker

    A copper downpipe was stolen from a house on Cranberry, between Hicks and Henry earlier this week.

  • val

    I live on Garden Place, too, and our copper downspout was stolen last Saturday night!!! You’d think there would be an easier way to make a few bucks, than scaling a building and stealing 30 ft. of pipe.

  • nabeguy

    Sounds like a crime wave. Are the coppers doing anything about this?

  • x

    how much do these things worth

  • Arch Stanton

    As a contractor I recommend: riveting the leader sections together and securing them to the building with iron rings. That system makes it very difficult to remove the sections, without power tools…

  • Heightsman

    As a BH resident I believe in putting out cooper in the masses and waiting with gun in tow. Cooper bullets seem to work….

  • L

    Maybe attached a live wire to the copper for a nice zap?

  • A

    Earlier this week someone tried to steal the catalytic converter and muffler off of my Vespa on Joralemon. I assume they were trying to scrap the copper inside of it.