Downspout Swiped


A BHB tipster sends in this photo of 69 Joralemon Street.  Last night it’s copper downspout was stolen.

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  • nabeguy

    Amazing, taken right from the front of the property. Is copper really worth that much and people really that desperate?

  • ashton

    This happens quite a bit in the Heights. Usually when a house is undergoing renovations and the architect specifies a shiny new copper leader. This house has been undergoing major reno for a bout a year (it is the house on the right). Hint to architects: use painted aluminum downspouts.

  • Claude Scales

    As you may recall, the fire that gutted the then vacant section of the St. George complex (where the student dorm is now) was started by an acetylene torch used by someone trying to scavenge scrap metal.

  • David on Middagh

    I don’t what scrap dealers pay, but copper trades in bulk at about $3/lb. That’s expensive enough to make a roll of 50 pennies worth $1.

    (Disclaimer: After 1982, all Lincoln cents have been made of copper-plated zinc. Still, they cost more than a cent to produce. The Mint is also losing money on nickels.)

  • lori

    We went thru this years ago – stealing the copper, stealing silver service from churches

  • TL

    Not surprised. Our copper downspout was stolen one night about a year ago. Interestingly, when we first replaced the old one (also copper), it lay in our front entry garden for about six months, undisturbed. We had to have it hauled away!

  • Arch Stanton

    Last year I remember scrap copper was being bought at about $2.80 a pound… so yeah, it’s worth it for some junkie to steal a leader that probably weighs around 10-15 pounds…

    If someone has copper leaders on their building it would be wise to rivet or screw the sections together….

  • my2cents

    I read about an epidemic of thefts of public sculptures in Britain last year. They were being stolen for scrap! A Henry Moore bronze was one of the victims. Imagine stealing a sculpture worth millions, just to sell it for about 30,000 bucks worth of material. But from the perspective of the thieves, they were making 30 grand for one night’s work. This is a tangent, I know, but I just thought I would share.

  • Tom

    Call the cop(per)s.

  • since47

    Cute, Tom. And nobody heard this happening?

  • Salma

    I’ve had a copper downspout stolen too. What’s really scary is I have a copper roof…can u imagine coming home and finding the roof stripped?

  • David on Middagh

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Matthew Parker

    I can report another copper downspout was stolen last night off a house on Cranberry Street between Hicks and Henry.

  • val

    Our copper downspout was stolen this weekend! Is there any point in reporting it to the police?

  • my2cents

    Maybe the BHA took them because they weren’t using historically correct copper alloy.