Open Thread Weekend 5/22-23/10

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  • x

    Went to Curry Heights restaurant on Remsen last night with the wife for some Indian food. We had a Chicken Tikka Marsala and Lamb Saag with appetizers. The food was delicious and the service was great! The price also unbeatable as well. We went home with our stomachs filled to the brim and satisfied.

    It’s located on a very quiet street (Remsen) across from the college, despite its proximity to Boro Hall/Court Street, and I hope it gets more publicity/business so it stays IN business and provides yet another good option for a good meal in our neighborhood.

  • dontno

    What was up with that concert last night? Was it on the Promenade?

  • gc

    I second your recommendation of Curry Heights! We’ll be ordering from there tonight. One of the tastier options in the neighborhood.

  • nabeguy

    I like the planters that they’ve put along the Henry Street side of the St. George dorm building. Nice green touch. I just hope the students don’t use them as ashtrays.

  • Lou

    My son and one of his friends were playing on the grass in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park today. Specifically they were rolling down one of the inclines. They both both broke out in crazy hives. My son’s face is still swollen tonight. Anyone have any idea what they are spraying on that grass? I guess the lesson is sit on it but don’t let it touch your children’s exposed skin? LAME.

  • Lou

    Also in the food vibe from above we ordered from Lichee Nut this week and it was literally the best food we’ve had from there in a long time. We haven’t had many complaints overall but it was really exceptional. Don’t know if they have a new chef or what but it was delish!

  • jorale-man

    @Lou – FWIW, I was running in the park very early this morning and they were mowing the grass. I didn’t see any spraying happening then but there were definitely a lot of loose clippings as a result.

    I agree about the Indian place on Remsen – really delicious and a cut above its location.

  • Rizzo

    There are little red mite-like things infested in the park’s grass!

  • since47

    I don’t believe they spray anything in the park. Those tiny little red ‘mite’ dots are all over the city every spring, and by the beginning of summer they’re gone. As old as I am, I’ve never found out exactly what they are, but over the years I’ve always called them ‘brick mites.’ Not helpful, I know, but at least they’re not roaches…

  • Lou

    Are the red bugs Spider Mites?

    They don’t bite and I don’t think they cause reactions in people. My guess is some kind of fertilizer or perhaps a pesticide on the grass. Again, fine for sitting one (maybe) but don’t get your face on that green. The kid is fine today, btw.

  • my2cents

    it’s probably dog repellent

  • Y

    No, it’s a kid repellant.

  • bkre

    The lawns at Brooklyn Bridge Park is being maintained organically. It’s a commitment they’ve been very public about. Whatever caused that rash, it wasn’t pesticides.

  • ashton

    what’s the story with number 105 Joralemon Street? The entrance looks like it is about to collapse, the sidewalks are a mess, it is a real eyesore. I don’t understand how these conditions are allowed to remain while many of us get fines and notices from the city or our insurance companies for the tiniest things.

  • lrb

    anyone know why they decided to bump out the curb on the corner of Hicks and Joralemon… the corner sticks abnormally far out into Hicks making the street very narrow. seems like an odd decision with the fire house/trucks right there.

  • Andrew Porter

    I heard a lot of shouting from the area in front of the St. George dorm on Henry Street after midnight last night, but it quieted down by 1 or 2am.

  • hoppy

    @ Jane

    Not that I’m proposing or supporting it (you’ll have to do the research), but one afternoon last month my significant other and I stumbled upon a baby shower at the Roebling Inn on Atlantic Ave.

  • lcd

    Jane – check out Tripoli Restaurant on Atlantic/Clinton. We had a college graduation party there for my daughter which was very reasonable, great food, helpful staff. Check their website – they have a link for “special occasions.” Good luck.

  • ABC

    I played in that grass with my kids last week and by the I was walking up the hill past the dog hill, I was itchy like crazy and was covered in welts. A block later and I was literally running, dragging the kids, to get home and into the shower. I don’t know what it is — organic or inorganic — but yuck, I think I’ll not do that again.

  • heightsss
  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I filmed a Baby Christening celebration at Noodle Puddings on Henry between Cranberry and Middagh and it was the best. The attached video provides a good idea of what the location is like and I took many pictures of the food. Talking food, it was cooked perfectly. And Tony the owner, knows how to treat guests. I highly recommend Noodle Pudding.

  • AEB

    OK, I luv my fellow BH bloggers, but….

    …on recommendation, I ordered out from Curry Heights last night. Sub-steam-table fare. My tandoori mixed grill consisted of pieces of meat–and ONE shrimp–that were so dessicated as to belie the fact they came from things that were once alive. And full of that traditional Indian veg, green bell peppers.

    Saag paneer slightly more tolerable, though with added sugar (!). Rice semi-hard, with some grains inexplicably dyed orange. (The hand with the food coloring was, in general, liberal.)

    Sugar and bits of carrot in the raita. Virtually no mango in the mango chutney.

    I could go on, but I’ll stop now.

    Sorry to be “disagreeable” about this, but….

  • laurie

    Spent Saturday 5/15 on the lawn at Pier 1 with my 2 toddler nephews. We were all rolling around in the grass and rolling down hills, etc for many hours. No hives, welts or itches for any of us. Just runny noses from seasonal allergies.

  • David on Middagh

    I read heightsssssssss’ chigger links. Only certain patches or areas of lawn might be infested. That would explain why some people get away itch-free.

  • harumph

    agree with your assessment of Curry Heights – meh to bleh.

  • Hello Brooklyn

    Chiggers, etc. / David’s comment: agree – Haven’t noticed them on the big lawn closest to the Squibb building or the southern-most big lawn. Did notice plenty on the west facing lawn just to the north of the granite prospect, but no bites on us.

  • Andrew Porter

    I didn’t find any of these at Pier One: