Pier 6 Now Open!

bbparkPier 6 at Atlantic Ave. opened to the public with a cavalcade of elected all-stars, and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer even made the trip across the river for some good-natured inter-borough ribbing. Click here to learn more about Pier 6, and video to come later today.

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  • http://chucktaylorblog.blogspot.com/ nystrele

    great, so now we have a gigantic kiddie park… that’s what, three now in the heights? i’d have much rather funds be devoted to ALL the citizens of brooklyn, working progress up from pier one, instead of spending millions on the far end that can’t even be seen unless you’re a millionaire living in brooklyn bridge one. next, please…

  • nabeguy

    Actually, that makes 4, but only your counting.

  • communitarian

    It was fairly disconcerting to see that areas like the water park are limited to the under-12 set. It’s important for youngsters to have somewhere safe to play, but there’s nothing there for teens or even older parkgoers (who I’m sure might love sprinklers and places to run around, too!). The fields won’t be ready until 2012 (at the earliest), so I do wonder about the BBPDC priorities.

  • harumph

    good golly, I’m not sure anyone should be upset at the extraordinary efforts in making the waterfront usable, beautiful and fun. Perhaps you both (nystrele and communitarian) might be happier if nothing was there and we just longingly viewed the waterfront as a missed opportunity?

  • communitarian

    harumph- Au contraire, but you may not care about what I really think, since anonymous ad hominum attacks are so much easier. I’ve lived in this community for over 20 years, including raising kids here and including having been very involved in BBP in its earlier days. My point is that there’s an increasing amount of outdoor activitity for the younger kids, but correspondingly few outdoor opportunities for older kids. This may be a function of parents of younger kids just being more vocal about their needs (it happens). But I question the decision to spend scarce resources (there isn’t enough capital allocation at this point for the entire park) on another playground rather than the fields. You’re entitled to disagree, but next time, leave the snark behind, ‘kay?

  • ABC

    I don’t really consider this a neighborhood park. It’s a city park. There is a ferry from manhattan to this place on the weekends. (If I were an older kid, I’d get onto that ferry and over to Governors Island to the water taxi beach.)

    I thought Squibb Hill was going to be a skate park. Is that off the table?

    Anyway, 2012 is not too far away.

  • nabeguy

    Perhaps they focused on the playgrounds first under the assumption that adults, unlike children, have a modicum of patience. Apparently, they were wrong.

  • frankinheights

    This playground has drawn hundreds of families out to a neighborhood they would not normally go to. The local businesses can only benefit from this.
    That said, the playground is overcrowded, there are no”rules” and older kids do make it dangerous for the little kids. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  • laurie

    My husband and I live on Atlantic between Clinton & Henry. We have no children, but we LOVE this park. We’ve been enjoying Pier 1 and we spent a good amount of time at Pier 6 this weekend (including taking the Ferry to Gov’s Island, which was delightfully quick compared to when we used to have to trek to the Bowling Green to get the ferry there). The water park is great and I already have friends lines up to “loan” me their kids so I can play in the sprinklers too :)

    I do have one complaint, and it’s, I think, a DOT issue, not a Parks issue. If you have walked down Atlantic Ave to the Park, you can’t help but notice the disgusting sidewalks under the BQE overpass at Atlantic & Columbia. The pigeons have piled their droppings there for so many years I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep it clean, but it’s really filthy and such a terrible shame that it’s basically the first impression of the Park itself for many people who approach the Park from Atlantic – the main thoroughfare! Does anyone know who I would contact to see about getting it cleaned regularly?

  • since47

    We have the same problem under the BQE overpass at Hicks & Old Fulton Streets. As you walk (quickly) underneath, you have to look up to see where the pigeons are roosting or where the fresh crap has landed on the ground, so you can do a little zig-zag dance around it and not become a target, with it on your shoulders or in your hair. Old Fulton is the other major access to the park at Pier 1, and even before the park, it was the route to Grimaldi’s, the River Café, BargeMusic and the glorious Brooklyn Bridge. And it seems like we’ve been asking for a solution to the pigeon problem for years, with no success. Of course, every so often the crap is washed down and the area cleaned up (by whom, I don’t know), which is lovely. But as far as keeping the pigeons away? Netting isn’t possible, because you don’t want the pigeons or other birds to become trapped, and there’s just a lot of head-scratching for viable alternatives. So until something is done to prevent the pigeons from roosting (how hard can it be?) the problem will continue. And what a rude awakening it is for tourists – right now Atlantic Avenue and Old Fulton Streets are the main gateways to this beautiful park, but you have to pass through the ‘crap chute’ to get there.

  • bornhere

    “Crap chute” is very clever. But can’t Nix-a-Lite (or however it is spelled) be installed?

  • Ursula Hahn

    To frankinheights:
    If you care to read the signs, there are plenty of playground rules but few people bother to read, much less adhere to them.

  • frankinheights

    I was speaking more to the unwritten rules of Brooklyn playgrounds. There’s no order, especially around the swings. Kids don’t get in line and the older kids barreled right through and skipped smaller kids who had been waiting.

  • nabeguy

    And that’s what’s called “survival of the tallest” and a major reason why 6-year-olds want to be 8-year-olds who want to be 10-year-olds who want to be…well, you get the picture. The best thing to do is let the kids work it out for themselves…they usually are able to resolve the problem using diplomatic skills that anyone over 5’0″ is at a loss to understand.

  • tb

    One would think the best thing would be for the kids to work it out themselves but a 3yo may have a tough time dealing with a six year old or an 8 year old.. You get the picture.

  • Remsen

    The sidewalk under the BQE on Atlantic is disgusting. Also, while the DOT is at it cleaning up that section, they should paint/re-paint the street crosswalk at the Joralemon entrance… bit dangerous. The park is fantastic…can’t wait for the wine bar…

  • nowatt

    could also use another light on columbia and congress street and stop sign at Atlantic and Columbia- cars use Furman / Columbia as BQE Alt. Rte. Only a matter of time before a stroller or two are wiped out.

    it won’t happen but several strategically placed canopies would be nice until the trees come in-

    that said- huge improvement and hope momentum builds to get the whole project gets completed- so all ages, interests, etc. will be able to enjoy the park.