Mr. Junkersfeld’s Omnibus for 6/4/10

Call it an existential masterpiece. Call it a potpourri of Brooklyn Heights happenings for this week. Watch away!

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  • martinlbrooklyn

    A most excellent survey of life in the Heights. It makes me want to send it to two our daughters now living (happily) in California and New Hampshire and knowing full well that it will ring a strong nostalgic bell for them.
    Karl’s work is always surprising. It’s the spontaneity that gets me and his alertness to opportunities. I particularly appreciated his picking up Marty as he entered the scene.

  • AEB

    Can we have more of these expert miscellanies, Karl?

    PS, listening to Mary–could he have come from any other part of the planet than the Borough of Brooklyn?

  • nabeguy

    Is “Mary” Brooklyn-ese for “Marty”?

  • AEB

    No, but Mahdy is Brooklynese for….Mr. Markowitz.

  • nabeguy

    Any way you spell it, he’s definitely Brooklyn-ese for Brooklyn. If you cut him open, you’d probably find a knish where his heart should be…or perhaps a Junior’s cheesecake.

  • Matthew Parker


    Thanks again for your video efforts. We have a lot to be thankful for living in such a great nabe.

  • AEB

    Wait for the vocal thing to load and play:

    The accent could be woise–I mean, worse.

    Aw see Def tree heah:

  • Monie

    Mr. J. – That was wonderful, apart from transposing two letters in the title word, “omNIbus”(Homer’s fault?) and the fact that the audio was so broken up I had to turn the sound off (my computer’s fault?). Your video presentations show great love for Brooklyn Heights and they are always fun to watch.