Brownstoner Salutes 62 Montague

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

I’ve lived across the street from this Romanesque revival (a style I love) building for many years, hearing here and there that Arthur Miller had lived there; alas, not with Marilyn Monroe. I now know, thanks to Brownstoner that it was designed by Montrose Morris, an architect known for many distinguished Brooklyn apartment buildings completed during the late nineteenth century.

Addendum: Reader Clintonius Wow, with confirmation by nabeguy, says 62 Montague was also home to underground film maker Marie Menken and her husband, who were the models for George and Martha in Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?

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  • Clintonious Wow

    Andy Warhol’s biography “POPism” lead me to believe this building was once the home of underground filmmaker Marie Menken and her husband, purportedly the models for George & Martha in Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe.”

  • nabeguy
  • Claude Scales

    Thanks, CW and nabeguy. I’m adding this info to my top post.

  • nystrele

    A bit ironic that brownstoner devoted its post the afternoon after i posted a more detailed account the very same morning. hmmm! please read my post for additional detail and a lot more photos, including a vintage look at the building:

  • lori

    I have been getting a lot of questions from tourists lately inquiring where Marilyn Monroe lived in the Heights. Some even think it must have been on Monroe Place, hence the name!

  • Ben

    I had lived on Montague Terrace for 17 years and I walked by this building every day all of the time – I remember a sweet old woman who had lived in a cluttered but beutiful apt. on the first floor in the front. I enjoyed this old persons sweet Chritmas Tree each year with her 1950s christmas lights. I watched her grow older and then I learned that she passed away. I remember her son, a guy who grew up in that apartment he wore a funky type hat and walked dogs, did other odd jobs as the Co/op fought him tooth and nail over his succession rights. I wonder how it all shook out? I wonder what became of that guy? I wonder how much money $$$ the new owner paid for what WAS an affordable rent-stabilized apartment?

  • danno

    Lori: Nix on Monroe in the Heights. She and Miller absconded to Midtown Manhattan.

    Ben: the woman did indeed pass away several years ago and her son decamped (I understand for Baltimore) about three years ago. I hear that the dispute was not with the co-op but with the apartment’s owner, who was a sponsor.

  • Ben

    Thank you so much for the update on the son, the guy with the hat, who has decamped to Baltimore – I hope that he got a good deal some money after all this was his mothers apartment and maybe all she ever had, a lease, and that lease protected her from The Sponsor. After all this was the guys home for his youth and up to adulthood. I hope that the sponsor paid him some money to surrened his succession rights and that he lived happily ever after. Just another story about another character in the naked city again Danno thaks for the information.