Parking Close to the Corner is Dangerous

BHB photo by M. Foley

BHB photo by M. Foley

The driver of this big rig managed to thread the needle turning from Montague Street to Pierrepont Place, but there was little margin for error.

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  • x

    Those two cars are parking illegally. The turn is supposed to be wider.

  • Luke C

    According to the sign in the picture, the cars are legally parked.

  • Andrew Porter

    I never have this problem. Oh yeah, I don’t have a car…

    I love when tractor trailers try to navigate our narrow streets. More great intersections for TT turning problems are Willow and Pierrepont, and anywhere they try to turn onto Clinton. Hours of mindless fun!

  • lady

    The narrow streets of Brooklyn Heights were not made for those big trucks; that’s why there are so many “No Standing” signs at many of the corners. Another dangerous corner is at Willow/Pierrepont Streets in front of 27 Pierrepont. I try to stay away from those corners but, with parking spaces so limited, sometimes you just give up and take one.

  • Bruce Gregory

    Willow St and Pierrepont corner a trap for 18 wheelers. Well I do have a car and late last week it took the Officers of the 84th two and a half hours to legally parked remove cars so an 18 wheeler could make the turn. This game at the Willow/Pierrepont corner takes place about four times a year and yet we never think about putting warning signs up to the drivers of these large trucks that they will not be able to take the corner without an expensive operation involving city tow trucks, several police cars and a half dozen policeman. Is it not time to put warning signs up at the entrance of our narrow streets?

  • nabeguy

    While 18 wheeler deliveries are common practice at the Montague Street Key Food, does anyone know if it’s also their practice to proceed to the end of Montague Street rather than make the right on Hicks? Either way you look at it, they’re both tight fits, although Hicks seems a more logical choice. I suspect that this particular driver was either new to the route or there might have been something blocking Hicks at the time. Bruce, walk to the end of Henry and Old Fulton Street, and you’ll see a truck-restriction sign, which is habitually ignored.

  • cat

    It’s the same when 18-wheelers try to turn onto Clinton from Schermerhorn. Traffic comes to a stand still on both streets. Eventually the cops have to get all the cars to back up Schermerhorn to Court so the truck can then back all the way to Court. I will never understand why these trucks don’t go down to Atlantic and turn up Clinton from there–which is what they end up having to do anyway. It could save them an hour or so of frustration. And me an hour or so of honking horns. There is no reason for an 18-wheeler to be on Schermerhorn anyway.

  • liam

    the willow and perrepont st debacle late last week lasted about 4 hours !!
    when the started to move cars on the south side of pierrepont st, one car was literally dragged away ( i guess his parking brake was set or was in gear). hopefully no damage was done.
    the solution would be to put up signs at middagh st at the intersections of both henry and cadman plaza saying no tractor trailors allowed.

  • down by the riverside

    The car on the corner is not properly parked (i.e. could get a ticket) The car is not allowed to be in any part of the corner that is curved. Everything from about the center of the rear wheel back is illegal. The reason for this, probably just what we see. That being said, proper routes should be made available.

  • nabeguy

    Got to say, the angle of this picture may distort the situation somewhat. But there does seem to be a luxurious amount of space (by NY standards) between the second and third cars. Certainly one of the most egregious abuses of on-street parking occurs when drivers take up more than their fair share of space.

  • ABC

    But nabeguy, you have no idea who was parked there when the second (or third) car parked. There could have been a larger car parked there, they left, smaller car moves in.

    I have a friend who is constantly complaining about this — “what a moron! look at all that space!” — but I don’t understand the complaint. It’s not a static situation; Cars move in and out all the time.

  • Joe

    I saw the debacle on Willow and Pierrepont last week. Didn’t stay to watch teh drama unfold but wow 4 hrs!!!

  • cat

    I can’t believe they moved cars instead of making the truck back up and take a different route. If it were my car, I’d be pissed!