A Tree (Doesn’t) Grow in Brooklyn Part 3: The Evidence

img_0465From ClarknHenry:

Just last night, I was awakened at 4am by a delivery truck… blowing its horn to get another vehicle out of that space right by the hole! The truck then climbed onto the sidewalk and right into the hole, making it even deeper. I would LOVE to see a tree in that spot, even if it take huge metal poles to protect it from the trucks. I went into Clarks to talk to the proprietor, who said he had spent $33,000 on the sidewalk so far. Long story short, if it is NOT an option for the trucks to part there, they will have to figure something else out. It is an unsightly mess as it is, and the stagnant water nothing more than a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

It looks like one desperate root tried to claw its way out of the hole. More on the controversy in a ditch to come …

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  • David G.

    I probably live in the same building as ClarkNHenry and can vouch for everything he said.

    Maybe we could find a temporary solution? A wooden fence, Corn stalks might work…

  • WillowtownCop

    I of course would never advocate vandalism of any kind. But what if someone filled the hole with really sharp rocks? It wouldn’t be anyone’s fault but the truck driver’s if he got a flat tire.

  • milton

    Those truck drivers stop there out of sheer laziness. They should park their rigs in Cobble Hill and walk the deliveries to the Heights. Then we could plant a tree. So simple really.

  • nabeguy

    That is truly just sad. I suggest a volcanic mound of cement like the one across from the Greenwich Village Community Center. Bumpers beware!

  • Andrew Porter

    Punji stakes. Blame it on the Viet Cong…

  • George Earl

    Yeah, folks, as a Henry Street resident of many years, I came to see that humble but very green tree downstairs along the side of Clarks as part of this fine neighborhood. And my hazel eyes would hit upon the smiles that tree gave off every morning when I’d first open the blinds on the western side of our home. It’s a muddy pool now, containing God knows how many germs, as well as chances of “seniors” of all ages tripping and falling. No, as one who sees Clarks as “the” rest-stop over here, I want to shout out, politely of course, “Watch it, boys” whenever I see a delivery truck, car service or uncaring drivers whiz ’round the Henry-and-Clark corner and bam-boom into that mud-filled hole. Should the owner of Clarks see that the mess is made gorgeous and safe once again? Nope! How ’bout NYC itself. We’re paying enough in taxes to cover it.

  • bornhere

    If you go to http://gis.nyc.gov/parks/forms/
    you can submit a request for a tree (there are some other options at the site, but this one seems most appropriate). You have to identify the location, and it sort of defaulted to 112 Henry, which seems reasonable; but there are spaces to more precisely explain the location and add comments. I just submitted a request for a new “street tree” there, and maybe, if NYC Parks gets several requests, action will be taken. It’s worth a try. And, if you google-map the space and put the little figure on the street, you can see the ambitious little tree that had been there. Maybe we can really do this.

  • tb

    Ironically… a tree just fell down not a half a block away on Clark. Blown over by the wind. Maybe someone is trying to tell us something

  • nabeguy

    In another sad development, today’s winds took down a mature tree on Clark Street opposite the pet store.The FDNY had to use their ladder truck to get up to remove the limbs that had become entangled with the tree next to it.

  • tb

    nabeguy-That was the tree I was talking about. Really sad. Those trees have been there forever.

  • MRG6726

    I work for the Parks Department and have a work order to remove the downed debris and the remainder of that tree on Clark. My crew should be there early this upcoming week. My crew has had quite a few emergencies in your neighborhood this year.

  • George Earl

    Parks Department, we love you! We’re gonna be enjoying our coffee at Clarks this week to see who of your tree people shows up, and when. But filling that hole on Henry and seeing that a tree gets “adopted” therein is going to please Lord knows how many of we taxpayers. Again, thank you!

  • MRG6726

    I posted a comment on the “Profusion of Foliage” thread in regards to some potential confusion on the topic of storm-related tree damage. Some of you may already know me through the Eagle picture and caption about the Promenade Honey Locust trees that appeared a year ago. You’ve all probably seen my crew and me either driving through or working. My truck, an orange aerial lift is numbered 6726.

    Please keep in mind that I do not represent the City of New York, any of its agencies and departments and I most certainly do NOT represent the Parks Department. I speak only on behalf of myself, a practicing arborist who happens to love trees and enjoys working in Brooklyn Heights.

    I plan on being at the Clark tree on either Monday or Tuesday, though no time can be given as of right now. Of course, if we see any additional damage, we’ll try our best to take care of that as well.

    Again,: no representation of anyone other than myself and no promises other than that we’ll do our best.

    If anyone has any questions and/or comments, please feel free to approach our crew. My name is Matt. Thank you.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Matt: I’ve removed the words “with the Parks Department” from the update to my “Fallen Foliage” post. I regret any confusion I may have inadvertently caused.

  • MRG6726

    George Earl: I can offer additional contact information regarding tree-related services, including street tree planting, in person if you’d like. Any of the names, numbers and internet addresses are publicly-accessible, so there’s nothing taboo about it.

    Claude: I honestly didn’t even notice. Thank you though. The best way I can describe my capacity in a public forum such as this is “Matt Grailich, a certified arborist and employee of Brooklyn Forestry of the Parks Department.” It’s amazing how one tiny word can cause a huge uproar, but I’d rather avoid even the slightest bit of confusion. As long as I’m described as “working for” or “an employee of,” there shouldn’t be an issue. However, thank you again for being proactive in helping the readers have a clearer understanding and helping me avoid any confusion with my supervision and management.