BHA House Tour 2010 Open Thread


Post your comments on today’s 2010 #bhahousetour below or Tweet them to us (@bkheightsblog) while you’re there!

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  • Andrew Porter

    Seems very dark today. A total eclipse? Oh, it’s Friday night.

    Sure would be nice if they’d announce the sites beforehand.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Is there a rain date or does the tour go forward rain or shine?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Never mind, I got my answer from the attached link:

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Incredible tour. The best yet and I’ve been to many. I just can’t say enough.

  • Homer Fink

    Great houses on this year’s tour. Van den Bout’s reboot of 36 Grace Court is a wonderful accomplishment. Great work Tom and Brenda!

  • emily blogifeld

    38 Cranberry Street was charming. You get the sense that a real live family lives there, and a nice one at that. Soaring stair case, sweet bay windows,
    and victorian style detaisl abound… Larger in scale furniture in some rooms makes them appear roomy and inviting!

  • ashton

    absolutely wonderful. 147 Willow, 36 Grace, 40 willow Place, 104 willow place, all are fantastic. This really is the primo residential nabe in Brooklyn. It is where designers come, see, and copy. You don’t really know until your see for yourself.
    really, brooklyn heights is where its happening design-wise. don’t believe the dirty hipster logs. BH is where it is at and where the future first reveals itself.

  • Lois

    Nice to see some people are not afraid to use color on their walls (and in their bathrooms). Fantastic kitchens in all the homes. Loved the full laundry rooms in at least two of the houses. Nice to see so many gardens – and terraces. Glad the rain went away before the tour – we only had to wear the booties in one of the homes.

  • lori

    Ashton has some wrong addresses above. In addition to 147 Willow St & 36 Grace Court, it was 104 Willow Street, not Place; 86 Joralemon St and 38 Cranberry Street. Not sure where the bonus house was.

  • ashton

    40 willow place was where the patron’s brunch was held. It is a terrific 1960’s vintage house. very enjoyable.

    question: are homer fink and tom van den bout two different people -or one in the same?

  • The where

    Ashton are you on narcotics?

  • Claude Scales

    For what it’s worth, I have seen Homer and Tom in the same room at the same time.

  • Andrew Porter

    That library in 147 Willow was incredible — and I’m not just talking about the color! Really neat how they provided a little door and passageway from the shelves to the window so their cat can bask in the sunlight on the windowsill. The tempered glass floor and the iron railings of the second story were wonderful. I wonder who the architect was?

    When I had the bookcases in my apartment built, they were full within a few months, but this family looks like it has planned for the long run.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    “The ironwork is by Juan Alfaro. The hanging lamps are replicas of old library lamps. There is a tiny door cut into the shelving for the family cat to walk through and drowse on the high, sunny windowsill.” (from guidebook)

    If this doesn’t satisfy the cat, if you remember, the bedroom floors were equipped with radiant heat.