BKLYN DESIGNS This Weekend at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Touted as “New York’s premier exhibition of designers of contemporary furnishings or home accessories,” BKLYN DESIGNS is showing off the best in home-grown artists and craftsmen. I went to the load-in yesterday and filmed local artists from the neighborhood, and also got a sneak peek of what’s to come this weekend.

In the following video you’ll see nature-inspired children’s furniture from April Hannah; “Light Brite for adults” with Robert Stratton and madbutter.com; beautiful home accessories from Aviva Stanoff; foxy furniture from Eric Manigian; and metro-chic designs from 718 Made In Brooklyn.

All the exhibitors live in Brooklyn, and all are unique, diverse and eclectic. It’s worth the trip if you’re looking for furniture, or just want to be inspired. BKLYN DESIGNS runs all weekend at St. Ann’s Warehouse—for more information visit bklyndesigns.com.

BKLYN DESIGNS from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo.

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  • mommy

    metro- chic? i love it.
    and after seeing those subway lights at the design show, i thought they had a very nice amount of light. mood lighting. very nice indeed.
    also liked the carpets a lot.

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    There were some interesting things to see there. Was it worth $15 a person? HELLZ NO!

  • Anupama

    I was at BKLYN design on Sunday- we go every year and enjoy it immensely. Not this year, however.

    A comment on the exhibit being touted as child friendly– my 5 month old was very hungry and I went to a corner where there was no booth, and out of the way of others to feed her. I sat down on a random chair that was placed in the corner (it was not part of an exhibit), when a security guard came up and insisted I get up, she “needed the chair”. Have you tried to stop feeding a hungry baby? I stood up and continued to feed the baby from a standing position. The security guard stood over the chair like it was the most precious piece of furniture and 5 minutes later, carried it into the press room. I could have sat on it for the 5 minutes it took to feed the baby. I did try to complain to the the guy in charge of security before I left, but didnt really get an apology. Happy Mother’s day BKLYN Design! Child friendly indeed~!

    They really should know better in a neighborhood filled with kids, and with the demographic they are trying to reach….