Opening Night at the River Deli in Willowtown

BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld stopped by the River Deli’s Opening Night and returned with this video report.

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  • Heather Quinlan

    Great job, Mr. Junkersfeld! I’m glad to see something in that corner of the world.

  • jessibaby

    How was the food?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Don’t know from personal experience, I was busy filming, but I asked many a diner exiting the place and all were very enthusiastic about their food. The population sample was about 8-10 individuals. Unanimous support. Let me put it this way, from my sense of receptiveness from the people there, I’m making it a point to go there this weekend.

  • Seth Murphy

    The food was wonderful and the hosts were gracious. They were only outdone by the gathering of so many friends and neighbors to enjoy it with.

    The food was simple and authentic, and the quality was superb. The house-made pasta was excellent. Much like Iris Cafe nearby, they did not try to do too much, but stuck to a very straight forward vision of what they felt the menu should be. I wish more restaurants had that same attitude and did not feel like they needed to please everybody. I will be back, many times I am sure.