River Deli Now Open in Brooklyn Heights

BHB Photo by Matthew Parker

BHB Photo by Matthew Parker

The River Deli’s opening night looks like a huge success, with people lining the window seats and antipasti for all.


BHB Photo by Matthew Parker

20100503_riverdeli-3Grubstreet: “The new River Deli bears some resemblance to that cozy neighborhood hangout, as does Mocci’s pan-regional menu, which references his heritage with cured meats and cheeses served on wooden platters imported from Sardinia, along with the island’s signature crisp flatbread, pane carasau, and a rendition of malloredus sardi alla Campidanese, a saffron-tinged pasta with sausage, tomato, and Pecorino cheese. The all-Italian wine list spotlights a few indigenous varieties, such as Vermentino, Monica, and Cannonau, plus Ferruccio Deiana’s Pluminus and Ajana—higher-end blends you might call ‘super-Sardinians.’ Still to come: brunch and sidewalk seating.” [photo courtesy Melissa Hom/Grubstreet]

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  • milton

    This looks nice, I am looking forward to checking it out. The new iris cafe is nice too. A nice new garage would have been great as well but was nixed for whatever reason.
    This building could join the 21st century. It’s a little far-fetched but not impossible.

  • xochi

    woo hoo! welcome, will go by soon.

  • william

    Park your car at Quik Park, Milton. It is only a block away at 360 Furman Street (near Pier 6). Do you pickup after your dog? You seem like you are one of those people who wouldn’t. You probably don’t tip waitresses either.

  • http://www.willowtown.org down by the riverside

    Milton, Cars in NYC are so 20th century. You should join the 21st century and realize that you don’t need to drive a car in this great city of ours. More garages = more cars = more congestion = lower quality of life.

    Oh, and the food was great, and the atmosphere was even better. It was great to see neighbors that came to eat and meet. No one had to drive to get their either.

  • bklynnate

    Superlative friendly service (expect the same as its brother–literally, the brother of the owner is in charge– restaurant, Epistrophy), keith mcnally worth fit and finish inside, and extremely reasonable prices to boot. Looking forward to coming back for dinner soon.

  • maia

    Can someone tell me where this River Deli is exactly…I live in Brooklyn Heights…is it on Joralomon, or on the other side of Atlantic heading toward Red Hook….
    Thanks if you could tell me this seems confusing…

  • Ari

    It’s on the corner of Joralemon Street & Columbia Place.

  • Sonia

    Looking for a menu… is there one online anywhere? Can anyone who’s been tell me a little more about what’s offered? Wondering if it’s at all vegetarian friendly :) Thanks!

  • James

    Meats, cheeses, bread, fish… Get the picture? “Vegetarian friendly”? I put that right down there with children friendly and dog friendly. Note: If you want to know what’s on a restaurant’s menu – why not just call them and ask!