Open Thread Wednesday 5/5/10

Flickr photo by russhots

Flickr photo by russhots

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  • zburch

    FYI… The cheese samboosak at Damascus are super delicious and were a big hit at a recent cocktail party
    Does anyone know where the mango lady is stationed this year?

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Representing! Sunday May 9, 2010 1pm – 2pm St. Ann’s Warehouse • 38 Water St. Dumbo, Brooklyn
    Kid’s Story Time at Iglooplay in BKLYN DESIGNS Kids Lounge – Bring the whole family on Mother’s Day and hear Brooklyn Heights resident, Melanie Hope Greenberg, read from her books! More details:

  • Billy Reno

    Does anyone know how Scottie from Sahadi’s died on March 15? I saw a picture posted there in memorium. So sad.

  • Pier Man

    Visited the new Pier 1 park last Saturday. Not bad, but should have been done 30+ years ago.

    Why was our precious waterfront property neglected/abandoned for 30+ years after all shipping ended there? (As usual, no one will be held accountable.)

  • AEB

    Noted this AM that yet another store–in this case, a storefront design business–had vacated its space.

    Location was/is Hicks and Middagh, opposite another vacant store space, formerly occupied by ROWF, which now seems to specialize in dead flies.

    Actually, there was a realtor’s for rent sign in the window for about a week–anyone have any idea if the space was rented?

  • Homer Fink

    AEB – great places for the offices of Brooklyn Bugle Media… sure oh sure.

  • nabeguy

    Hey Homer, I know the owner of the building that just had the vacancy come up. Want me to put in a good word for you?

  • tb

    Can we talk about elevator etiquette at the 2/3 station? Now that one or two elevators are continually out of service people seem to be getting cranky. What are the accepted *rules*? Thank you.

  • Homer Fink

    Nabe – we’d of course need someone to pay our rent, utilities etc… know an angel/sugar daddy? ;)

  • tb

    Nabeguy… is this place a 3bed two bath rental for less than $2500?

  • Atlantically

    Anyone else notice the 20 fireman standing in front of the subway brownstone last night? All sarcasm aside, I wonder what precipitates firemen flooding it, and only one police cruiser.

    When I asked one of the fireman if I should start running, he more seriously responded, and asked if I’d seen anyone suspicious or strange trying to get in.

  • AEB

    Well, tb, there’s a toilet in each space–an embarrassment of opportunity, no?

    Homer, I suspect the combined square-footage (I almost wrote frottage) is about sixty. Surely enough for BBM, right?

  • north heights res

    One of the other men who works at Sahadi’s told me that Scottie died of cancer.

  • PS 8 parent

    Who is Scottie at Sahadis? The middle-aged (60s?) man who was always near the exit door and smiling?

  • heightsss

    elevator etiquette: don’t throw your body into the closing doors like you are indiana jones escaping a giant rolling boulder… just making everyone else wait…

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Had a conversation with Andrea, co-owner of River View, and apparently they are having a few setbacks after a successful opening night. He will try to post and explain but don’t make any plans to visit the remainder of this week. He is optimistic that they will open early next week, probably Monday.

  • CharlieSahadi

    When I’m working from home, what are the best sources of free wifi in the ‘hood?

  • ClarknHenry

    I noticed JCPenny circulars were distributed on Monday, in addition to the usual Wednesday delivery, creating even more litter blowing around the neighborhood. Does anybody know if this is going to be a regular practice now? I get so irritated at the amount to plastic the ends up right in land fills over this out-dated business model (the flyer distributors AND the Yellowbook people — how many thousands of trees get killed so that they can convince their advertisers about azstonomical distribution numbers…) does this bother anybody else? I think all “mail” left at residences needs to be addressed to someone. I am of a mind to make and distribute the proper “Do not leave Unsolicited Advertising Materials On this Property” signs to every building in Brooklyn Heights. Then Judy Stanton talked me out of it. Thoughts?

  • Jazz

    advertisers should just buy an ad here it’s green and earth friendly!

  • annoyed

    Does anyone know why Lantern on Montague des not accept pennies?

  • annoyed

    btw…I don’t mean an entire bill paid in pennies (college prank style). I mean five pennies.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Any suggestions on what we could do to get the two Chinese restaurants at the corner of Montague and Henry to paint over the graffiti on their building? They seem to be ignoring the problem (not unlike their obvious indifference to the mediocre food they serve).

  • Publius

    @annoyed. Interesting that they don’t. Legally, change is not considered legal tender so unlike bills that are have the legal tender notice right on the face for public and private debts, no one is required to accept coins as a form of payment.

    But it’s a bit petty/inconsiderate not to accept coins–even the humble penny.

  • David on Middagh

    Copper is now $3/pound. Pre-1982 Lincoln cents are theoretically worth more as scrap than money. (Since 1982, cents have been made of zinc, of course, with a thin copper coating.)

    Maybe it’s time to revalue the dollar, ten old to one new, so that our change has purchasing power again.