Park Progress: Pier 1 Lawns to Open Tomorrow; Ice Cream and Lobster Rolls May Follow

The well manicured lawns on the Pier 1 section of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which have so far been off limits to frisbee tossers and sunbathers, will be opened to the public tomorrow, Thursday, April 22.

New York Post: Brooklyn Bridge Park is set to celebrate Earth Day in style tomorrow by finally opening its fabulous organically maintained lawns at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Heights to the public.

Park officials will open the Harbor View and Bridge View lawns, as well as the Vale, adding nearly two additional acres of recreational space to Pier 1, which last month became the first segment of the long-awaited 85-acre waterfront park to be unveiled.

Meanwhile, there’s encouraging news on the food front.

Lobster rolls and gourmet ice cream cones may be in Pier 1’s near future:

Brooklyn Paper: Though officials aren’t speaking on the record, we’ve learned that the finalists to operate food carts on the just-opened Pier 1 portion of Brooklyn’s newest open space include Blue Marble Ice Cream and the Red Hook Lobster Pound.

“Warm days, the water, and ice cream — it goes without saying,” said Alexis Miesen, owner of the ice cream shop, which has standing locations in Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Prospect Heights. “We’re hoping to become part of the revival of this waterfront. We’re really excited.”

Lobster Pound owner Susan Povich is already anticipating being anointed as a concessionaire, unveiling a futuristic “Lobster Cart” with her application, a sleek stand with a faux lobster tail on the side. She said she would serve the Red Hook shop’s lobster rolls, plus hot dogs for the kiddies.

So, those of you who became addicted to the lobster rolls at Brooklyn Flea under the Bridge last summer, take heart. Even though the Flea won’t return to its DUMBO location this summer, lobster rolls may still be available nearby.

Finally, on Sunday, May 9, Mother’s Day, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation will jointly sponsor their annual Spring Fling. Details and location are TBA. Thanks to for the tip.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Nice reporting Claude. I can’t see anyone complaining about Red Hook Lobster Pound rolls and Blue Marble Ice Cream, well maybe Brooklyn Ice Cream isn’t totally pleased. Personally, I’ll stay with Jacques Torres chocolate ice cream down the block on Water Street with a sandwich from Almondine across the street.

  • Matthew Parker

    While I welcome local businesses being granted concessions in our parks (rather than chains), my one experience with a lobster roll from Red Hook lobster pound at the Brooklyn Flea was disappointing.

    Regarding Brooklyn Ice Cream factory, perhaps some competition will be a kick in the pants to their overhyped, frankly medicore product.

    Just IMHO.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    Glad to hear that two of my all-time favorite food carts in Brooklyn are in the running. And glad to hear that the lobster folks will also have hot dogs for the kids, but um…

    …what about people who want to get their kid a $1 popsicle instead of top-of-the-line organic ice cream? (Don’t get me wrong, I *love* Blue Marble. I just think it’s a lot of money to appease a nagging 4 year old.)

  • Monty

    The ice cream sandwich from Jacques Torres is all the sugar and fat one could possibly hope for. It is ice cream stuffed between two giant chocolate chip cookies.

  • john todd

    red hook lobster pound is overrated. a total waste of $14.

  • Todd Shaffer

    Nice roundup of what’s happening at the bridge this summer… Thank you for the kudos also!