New Neighbor: Heights Convenience

Chuck Taylor reports in with this news:

The left-hand retailer at 89 Montague Street—next to Dimples kids spa and the recently relocated UPS store—which has been empty since it housed an upscale clothing boutique two or three years ago and then temporarily served as a political office for Doug Biviano—is scheduled to open Monday, April 26, as Heights Convenience, a tidy bodega featuring sundries, fresh coffee and a full deli with fresh meats and salads. Hours: 6 a.m.-10 p.m.

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  • The Huh?

    I’m all for new businesses opening up on Montague, but just out of curiosity, what will this store offer that Lassen/Key Foods does not?

  • height

    why does everything in bk heights have to close around 10 or 11pm?

    it would be nice if some things actually stayed open for people that work late.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yeah, we need a “bodega”, with weird smelling foods for sale in the back. Should knock the property values down by 10 percent within a hundred feet of this place. Will there be a big red, yellow and green sign to cause apoplexy at the BHA and Landmarks?

    Closing at 10pm? It’d doomed.

  • grrr

    ATM, please! I still miss the WaMu one.

  • x

    We need a 7 Eleven (open all hours).

    This too shall pass, like all other predecessors.

  • Marianne

    Let’s see….how much time will this business ‘stay in business’?

  • AEB

    Oooooo! I hope they stock plaster santos and other religious figures made of wax, and unguents to attract people to you, not to mention extension cords that cost twice one’s weekly salary…

    By the way, Peas ‘n’ Pickles is open all night……

  • Paul

    I just took a poo and name it BH Convenience. Sad, but I eventually had to flush it.

    Fare thee well, my fine floating friend.

  • No One of Consequence

    I know I spend plenty of time complaining on here with the rest of you, but here’s a new biz to occupy an empty storefront, it’s not a chain (most likely mom’n’pop), it’s not a nail salon, cell phone store, bank or realtor, and is at least attempting to provide a service to the neighborhood (for which they have a right to charge a premium) and you’ve closed ’em before they’ve even opened.

    The Montague Street you have now, then, is the one you deserve.

  • Dave

    I hope they find their niche. That has been such a problem corner – it’s hard to get impulse-buying foot traffic where passersby have to climb stairs. Perhaps they’ll offer some of what the newstand had where the wine store is/was…

  • harumph

    I don’t think it is too much to ask for stores which service the neighborhood that MAKE SENSE! If this was a green grocer it would make more sense then a crappy little bodega which supplies the same staples as two stores across the street from it….the complaining is warranted.

  • Andrew

    Yay! A new local business on Montague St that’s not a real estate office or a bank!

    I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on this being a huge success — but I could see it working if they stock fresh fruits and vegetables or if they prepare food that’s a bit interesting. If it’s typical bodega prices, Boar’s Head sandwiches and midtown-deli-style steam table, it probably won’t work.

  • No One of Consequence

    there are plenty of available retail spaces which I am sure would be happy to rent to a visionary entrepreneur.

  • Monty

    @Andrew, given the success of the dozens of midtown-deli-style places in midtown, there is a good chance this place will be a hit with the MetroTech lunch crowd. Plymouth Cafe is just Boars Head sandwiches, closes early and it has been in business for years.

  • bornhere

    I wish almost (almost) any nonchain business a lot of luck; but I’m not sure to whom such a place would appeal. The bagel store is always open, and Lassen, GofE, and Key would seem to provide pretty much the same things during essentially those hours. On the other hand, maybe they’ll become one of those hole-in-the-wall, go-to places for take-out for the transient lunch crowd here (although coming down to Hicks would seem a bit odd with all the Court Street offerings). I guess we’ll see.

  • ratNYC

    What we really need on Montague is another mattress store. Two are simply not enough…

  • Heights

    Didn’t 1-800-MATTRESS close? I think it’s just Sleepys now. I wish them luck but it’s kind of out of the way.

  • hoppy

    Maybe this place is a front…

  • ABC

    I always think places like this are a front. And I say, Welcome!

  • othersideofthebridge

    The stereotypical bodega comment was totally unnecessary. The store looks like it has a clean, organized layout and doesn’t resemble any slum bodega I’ve seen.

    I see the stairs as a positive for young single people that just need to get a random item quickly without getting run over by massive double wide babystrollers or waiting for elderly people to finish paying with $15 in pennies and nickels.